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disbar from (something)

To render a lawyer ineligible to practice law. A noun or pronoun can be used between "disbar" and "from." The lawyer was disbarred from practicing law because he double-billed his clients and the state for dozens of cases during his career.
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disbar someone from something

to take the right to practice law away from a lawyer. The state board disbarred Todd from practicing law in his own state. Sally was also disbarred from practicing law.
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A second bid was made by the society to disbar McIntyre a few weeks later.
That section allows the Treasury Secretary, the Director of Practice (DOP) or other delegate, after notice and an opportunity for a proceeding, to censure (defined as a "public reprimand"), suspend or disbar any practitioner from practice before the IRS.
The trick is not to "punish" the attorney you are supposed to trust and work with; the trick is to prosecute and disbar the dishonest one.
LITTLE ROCK: The Arkansas prosecutor seeking to disbar President Bill Clinton said she would agree to a 30-day delay in proceedings on the condition that a trial would be complete before the end of the year.
Supreme Court today which challenges the standard of proof established by the New York Court of Appeals to sanction, suspend or disbar an attorney in disciplinary proceedings.
Effectively, the judge ruled that the legislation had never intended to disbar them from office so long as they had always intended to sign the anti-sleaze code of conduct at the centre of this debacle.