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disapprove of (someone or something)

To regard someone or something as unacceptable or inappropriate. The boss frequently disapproves of our very long lunches on Friday afternoons. My mother disapproves of the length of my skirt, but I think it's just fine.
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disapprove of someone or something

to object to someone or something. I disapprove of her choice for maid of honor. Do you disapprove of me?
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Part Two: Opinions and Reasons of Disapproving Banks of Milk:
Asked about reasons for disapproving of the Koizumi cabinet, 50% cited a delay in economic recovery and 23% replied the cabinet has been passive about addressing scandals involving lawmakers.
Most Democrats - 71 percent - gave Perry disapproving grades, while 69 percent of Republicans and 68 percent of those who identify with the Tea Party approve of the job he's doing.
With 36 percent approving and 30 percent disapproving, the government scored a net approval rating of plus 6 on improving workers' pay.
Americans also frowned on how then-House Speaker Pelosi handled the matter of interrogation techniques used against terrorism suspects, with 47% disapproving of her role -- higher than any other actor in that drama.
Washington, July 27 ( ANI ): Business owners in America resoundingly oppose President Barack Obama's policies, with nearly 60 percent disapproving of his job performance, according to a new poll.
23: The president must give Congress a report approving or disapproving the commission's recommendations.
Among the main reasons cited for disapproving of the Obuchi cabinet are its economic stimulus policies (52.
CNA announced today that the Supreme Court's decision Wednesday disapproving a plan to settle Continental Casualty Company's (CNA) potential liabilities in connection with policies issued to Fibreboard Corporation will not affect another agreement that resolved these liabilities.
The proportion of Filipinos disapproving of the administration's performance in increasing the pay of workers rose from 23 percent in March to 30 percent in June, while those who disapproved of the administration's poverty reduction efforts also increased from 26 percent to 33 percent.
Independents and Republicans react much more negatively, with roughly six in 10 disapproving.
The number of voters disapproving of Obama's performance on Libya is down 4 percentage points since May (38 percent disapproved), and down 17 points since April (51 percent disapproved).
Van Holt and Brewster make for an appealing enough couple, but they're surrounded by disapproving cartoon cutouts: David Ogden Stiers as her stuffed-shirt stiff of a dad, Swoosie Kurtz as her blowsy souse of a mom and Brian Doyle Murray as his dad, whose philosophy seems to be, if something's worth saying, it's worth barking out at top volume.
Earlier, in January, the findings were opposite with 49 percent approving of Obama's handling of the Afghanistan war and 41 percent disapproving it.
PRINCETON, NJ -- President Barack Obama's job approval is the worst of his presidency to date, with 46% of Americans approving and 48% disapproving of the job he is doing as president in the latest Gallup Daily three-day average.