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disapprove of (someone or something)

To regard someone or something as unacceptable or inappropriate. The boss frequently disapproves of our very long lunches on Friday afternoons. My mother disapproves of the length of my skirt, but I think it's just fine.
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disapprove of someone or something

to object to someone or something. I disapprove of her choice for maid of honor. Do you disapprove of me?
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Some scholars have disapproved banks of milk and the act of nursing the infants with this milk.
-- Both the IBC Structural Committee and the IRC Building-Energy Committee disapproved proposals that would have reorganized decay and termite protection provisions in the IBC and IRC and would have accepted compliance with several ASTM standards in lieu of compliance with AWPA standards.
The poll, covering 1,113 respondents nationwide, found that among those who disapproved of the cabinet, 42% said the Koizumi administration is incapable of delivering policies, while 39% said they do not have high expectations for policies devised under the cabinet.
For all of his adult life he disapproved of the basic condition of American politics, and the figure he disapproved of most of all was Franklin Roosevelt ("a fraud from snout to tail"); to the extent that he found any politicians tolerable, they were conservative Republicans like Robert Taft and Joseph Ritchie, the governor of Maryland, whose following among intellectuals was probably limited to Mencken.
The surveys found movement among respondents who said they "strongly disapproved" of Trump, with 38 percent saying they "strongly disapproved" in July, dropping to 35 percent in August.
In fact, according to Tom Bower's book "(https://www.ibtimes.com/queen-elizabeth-disapproved-prince-charles-camillas-relationship-royals-had-cold-war-2664040) Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion (https://www.ibtimes.com/queen-elizabeth-disapproved-prince-charles-camillas-relationship-royals-had-cold-war-2664040) and (https://www.ibtimes.com/queen-elizabeth-disapproved-prince-charles-camillas-relationship-royals-had-cold-war-2664040) Defiance of Prince Charles " the Queen actively disapproved of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall's affair.
Islamabad -- Government has dropped more than 400 approved and disapproved projects, worth of Rs 1.9 trillion, while Rs 55 billion were allocated in this year This was told to Senate Standing Committee for Planning and Development on Tuesday, which was held at Pafrliament House with Chairman Committee Senator Agha Shahzaib Durrani in the chair .
Forty-three percent said they strongly disapproved of the job George W.
Speaking to Gulf News, Shaji Ul Mulk, the secretary of Ajman Cricket Council, said: "Hereafter, any tournament conducted at the Ajman Oval ground would be disapproved and cricketers playing in them would be at a risk of being penalised."
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 21 (ANI): The Congress has disapproved and rejected its online magazine's derogatory tweet attacking PM Narendra Modi, saying that the party's culture imbibed respect for the prime minister and all political opponents.
14, covered the Filipinos' primary concerns and whether they approved or disapproved of the Aquino administration's performance in trying to solve those problems.
Approve of the way Obama is handling the situation 35% Disapprove 49 Note: Thirty-one percent of veterans approved and 57 percent disapproved. Source: CBS News, June 2014.
Terrorism was the only issue in which more people approved of the job he is doing, some 51 percent, than disapproved, some 44 percent.
I was interested to read about the woman whose boyfriend's parents disapproved of her because she didn't have a "good enough education".
The proposer will then be advised of the action and may present any disapproved resolution to the General Assembly at the Annual Convention of The Florida Bar (June 26 at the Orlando World Center Marriott) if the member requests publication of the general nature of the resolution in the next issue of The Florida Bar News following notice from the committee.