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disappoint (someone or oneself) with (something)

To do something that upsets or disheartens someone or oneself. I know that I disappointed my parents with my low grades this semester.
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disappoint someone with someone or something

to displease someone with someone or something. I hope I haven't disappointed you with the modest size of the donation. I disappointed myself with my performance.
See also: disappoint
References in classic literature ?
When we see a great man we fancy a resemblance to some historical person, and predict the sequel of his character and fortune; a result which he is sure to disappoint.
You will admit that I have taken my precautions in such manner as to be certain that my balloon will not fall; but, should it disappoint me, I should find myself on the ground in the normal conditions imposed upon other explorers.
During the evening we played innumerable games of piquet, and bravely, not to disappoint my efforts, he tried to appear interested.
He might perhaps have been able to free himself but that Prince Vasili (who had rarely before given receptions) now hardly let a day go by without having an evening party at which Pierre had to be present unless he wished to spoil the general pleasure and disappoint everyone's expectation.
They are all expecting it, they are so sure that it will happen that I cannot, I cannot, disappoint them.
I don't want to disappoint you, young fellow," he continued, "but I heard from your Brigadier only yesterday.
I choose to give the Tredowen estates away, to disappoint my next of kin.
which seems to disappoint the people asking these experts for their opinion.
MILAN JOVANOVIC and Roy Hodgson have apologised to Liverpool fans for the club's humiliating Carling Cup exit at Anfield The Serbian international was among the scorers against Northampton as the Reds crashed out of the competition at the first hurdle, but was one of many players to disappoint on Wednesday.
BY blindly giving its blessing to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's plan to hike garbage fees for Los Angeles homeowners, the City Council has managed to disappoint, yet again, in many, many ways.
While the numbers disappoint when compared to last year's numbers, the Street had expected FITB to report earnings of 29 cents per share.