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all but

1. Everything or everyone, with the exclusion of. All but the freshmen were invited to the party. We sold all but the curtains in that estate sale.
2. Nearly. Public pay phones have all but disappeared in most major cities.
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disappear from (something)

1. To become no longer visible. I watched Jill's car drive away until it disappeared from view.
2. To become missing from some place, as if having been removed or become lost (usually to someone's surprise or confusion). I would give you my stapler, but it seems to have disappeared from my desk. That poor little girl disappeared from that school back in the '80s and was never found.
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disappear into the woodwork

To recede or absent oneself from public view; to become or remain hidden in society. The former movie star, never one to disappear into the woodwork, launched a very successful chain of restaurants and eventually ran for public office in Washington state. I think people expected us to disappear into the woodwork after the referendum results, but we made sure to stay firmly in the eye of the public.
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disappear into thin air

To vanish completely and without a trace. I would give you my stapler, but it seems to have disappeared into thin air.
See also: air, disappear, thin

disappear off the face of the earth

To vanish completely and without a trace. Has anyone talked to Christina lately? It's like she disappeared off the face of the earth.
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disappear without (a) trace

1. To disappear without any indication as to one's or something's whereabouts. Police have been searching for two weeks to find a young girl who disappeared without trace from her home in Rochester. Authorities are puzzled by the navy submarine that seemingly disappeared without a trace last Thursday.
2. To be forgotten about by the population as a whole, especially after being very popular. The digital pets fad took the world by storm in the late 1990s, but disappeared without a trace after a few years.
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do a disappearing act

To vanish from sight or flee suddenly from a place. My kids always do a disappearing act when I tell them it's time for their chores. The three of us did a disappearing act, heading for the Mexican border so we could leave this all behind us.
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pull a disappearing act

To depart or go away very suddenly or without warning, especially so as to avoid doing something. My roommate loves to throw parties here, but she always pulls a disappearing act the next day when everything needs to be cleaned up! Brian is nearly two weeks late finishing his sales report—that's why he's been pulling a disappearing act whenever the boss is around.
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disappear from something

to vanish from something or some place, especially from sight, view, or the face of the earth; to have been taken away from something. Jack disappeared all of a sudden last week, as if from the face of the earth. The car pulled away and disappeared from sight down the road.
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all but

Almost, nearly, as in I've all but finished the book. This expression was used by Andrew Marvell in "Thoughts in a Garden": " Society is all but rude, To this delicious solitude." [Late 1500s]
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do a disappearing act

Vanish, as in As soon as the teacher came outside, Mary did a disappearing act. This expression describes a sudden disappearance as if by magic and presumably alludes to a magician's performance. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
See also: act, disappear
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do a disappearing act

go away without being seen to go, especially when someone is looking for you.
The suggestion here is that the person has vanished as completely and inexplicably as things vanish in a magician's act.
See also: act, disappear
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do/perform/stage a disapˈpearing/ˈvanishing act

(informal) go away or be impossible to find when people need or want you: Ian always does a disappearing act when it’s time to wash the dishes.This refers to a magic trick done by a magician in which they make themselves or another person disappear.

ˈall but

1 almost: The snow all but covered the path, making it difficult to walk.The patient was all but dead when the doctor arrived.
2 all (the people or things mentioned) except...: ‘Have you done your homework?’ ‘Yes, all but the last two questions.’
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disappear/vanish off the face of the ˈearth

disappear completely: Keep looking — they can’t just have vanished off the face of the earth.
See also: disappear, earth, face, of, off, vanish

disappear, etc. into thin ˈair

disappear, etc. suddenly and in a mysterious way: The money vanished into thin air. Nobody knows what happened to it.
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all but

Nearly; almost: all but crying with relief.
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do a disappearing act

To vanish.
See also: act, disappear
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The fan replied to explain to Salonga the reasons why some like to share the disappearing stories.
Kerby goes on to say that Snapchat was "going against the current" when it pioneered disappearing content, capitalizing on ephemeral expression, which he calls a "much needed missing component of social media."
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The Devil and the Disappearing Sea or, How I Tried to Stop the World's Worst Ecological Catastrophe is the true story of the Aral Sea disaster - an ecological breakdown in Central Asia that has caused the world's fourth largest body of water to shrink to 20% of its 1960 size.
Galleries like Klosterfelde were part of this disappearing act.
As the person who put together the GLAAD stats that Richard Goldstein refers to in his column "The Disappearing Queer" [Left Hook, May 10], I am keenly aware of the decrease in LGBT characters on network television.
As her daughter says, the mother she knows is not really disappearing, but they are disappearing from her mother's life, without ever finding out all her secrets.
One reason for the battle over habitat (region where an animal lives): Their forest homes are rapidly disappearing.
The Chula Vista students would just be numbers for the state administrator, easily disappearing in columns of test results.
He has not returned to tend his birds since disappearing.
A leading explanation for the disappearing pinnipeds had been that global warming or overfishing caused food shortages, says Alan M.
Some of the carvings are well over 100 years old, a connection to a way of life rapidly disappearing, a folk art borne of long, lonely hours tending sheep in remote places.