References in classic literature ?
The man who wrote that word upon the wall disappeared from the midst of the generations of man many centuries ago; the word, in its turn, has been effaced from the wall of the church; the church will, perhaps, itself soon disappear from the face of the earth.
But unlike regular messages, these will disappear from the recipients' inbox after being seen.
Unlike other messages in Direct, these new photos and videos will disappear from your friends' inboxes after they have seen them.
New messages will disappear from this conversation 15 minutes after being sent." The images also suggest that users will get to choose how long their messages will remain visible to other users.
Announcement of competition: FOU- Unaccompanied minors who disappear from reception centers and care centers.
A few hours later his flight too would disappear from radar screens, taking him and the other 297 people on board the Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight to their deaths in eastern Ukraine.
Colony Collapse Disorder, where the bees simply disappear from the hive, has affected North and South America, India, Japan and most of Europe including Britain.
We have been taught that the dots on our ICAM (improved chemical agent monitor) are supposed to disappear from the display once the WAIT light goes off.
Three years ago, items began to disappear from Crestview Convalescent Center in Portland, Oregon: jewelry, dinnerware, even television sets.