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at a disadvantage

In an unfavorable position in comparison to others. They knew for weeks, but I'm just getting all of this information now—I'm at a disadvantage here. You'll be at a disadvantage playing tennis against someone as skilled as Katie.
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put somebody/be at a disadˈvantage

make it/be difficult for somebody to succeed: My lack of experience put me at a disadvantage in comparison with the other candidates for the job.
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It helps disadvantaged children get the support, education and skills they need to get on in life and succeed.
8(a), service-disabled veteran-owned, small disadvantaged
To increase awareness of business opportunities McDonnell Douglas Aerospace recently conducted a small and disadvantaged business seminar to inform national minority and women business organizations about subcontracting opportunities on McDonnell Douglas' portion of the Space Station Freedom program.
The results of the study showed that advertisements from disadvantaged neighborhoods received approximately 16% fewer responses than did those from advantaged neighborhoods.
She added: "Given the prospect of a sudden ending of this longstanding support payment in the Disadvantaged Area, I sought and received the agreement of the Executive last June to make a one year transition payment to those farmers who will no longer be eligible for support from the new Rural Development Programme.
They found higher risks of persistent social exclusion for older people with poor educational attainment, older people living in the most disadvantaged areas, older people who have less engagement in employment since finishing fulltime education, and older people with caring responsibilities, or who have a disability themselves.
4 billion on previously disadvantaged Namibian suppliers out of a total N$2.
Estyn said schools that have been successful in raising the performance of disadvantaged learners focus on the needs of individual pupils and identify a dedicated member of staff to co-ordinate work with external services.
Unmarried households with kids are six times more likely to be severely disadvantaged than married ones.
This came after MLAs attacked the policy on pre-school nursery provision, with critics claiming the criteria disadvantaged working families.
ISLAMABAD -- District Health Department in co-ordination with the UNICEF and CDA is observing this week as "Mother and Child Week" in Islamabad with a view to address the health problems of disadvantaged mothers and children.
Living in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas is associated with increased childhood mortality.
MANY of the UK's elite universities are still admitting few pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds - despite attempts to boost participation, new figures suggest.
25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Is the education of a disadvantaged child in an urban school worth more than the education of a disadvantaged child in a rural school?
The Problems of Disadvantaged Youth: An Economic Perspective, edited by Jonathan Gruber, will be available this fall from the University of Chicago Press.