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culturally deprived

euphemism Impoverished; lower class. Culturally deprived people like us are shunned from a lot of places on this side of town.
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culturally disadvantaged

euphemism Impoverished; lower class. Culturally disadvantaged people like us are shunned from a lot of places on this side of town.
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culturally deprived

 and culturally disadvantaged
Euph. poor; lower-class. Joe is working at a summer camp for culturally deprived children. Jane grew up in a culturally disadvantaged neighborhood.
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They found higher risks of persistent social exclusion for older people with poor educational attainment, older people living in the most disadvantaged areas, older people who have less engagement in employment since finishing fulltime education, and older people with caring responsibilities, or who have a disability themselves.
On plans to fast track the number of disadvantaged suppliers, Thomas said, "No definite targets are set.
Across England, the gap in GCSE attainment between disadvantaged pupils and non-disadvantaged pupils has stopped closing.
Deputy Commissioner Hunza Baber Sahib Din lauded the efforts of KADO for uplifting the socio-economic condition of the disadvantaged segment of the society.
"For many young people this is true, but for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds it isn't.
To understand the composition of the least and most disadvantaged neighborhoods, we analyzed the difference between the characteristics of enrollees in the least and most disadvantaged quintiles of neighborhood disadvantage using chi-square tests.
Cases in which socially disadvantaged seek legal aid are on the increase.
Disadvantaged children in London performed 6.5 points ahead of deprived northerners.
Though their focus is primarily British social work, Parker and Crabtree say that the concepts, discourses, and practices of working with disadvantaged and marginalized people transfer to other countries and administrations.
The report, Rules of the Game, by Dr Gill Wyness, Senior Lecturer in Economics of Education at the UCL Institute of Education, says that the admission process may be responsible for the fact that the most advantaged applicants were six times more likely to get into selective universities than the most disadvantaged in 2016.
Previous research has identified key features of 'life-first' programs which lead to successful outcomes for disadvantaged jobseekers.
'Where an individual resides thus plays a critical role in their success as participants in economic exchanges--which, of course, affects their ability to make a living." Besbris suggests that the reason for the lower response rate to sellers from disadvantaged neighborhoods might be "because buyers used residence to infer the seller's race or ethnicity, economic status, trustworthiness, or dependability.
Investing in the Disadvantaged: Assessing the Benefits and Costs of Social Policies.
Titled "Empowerment, Activation and Participation: Actively Engaging Disadvantaged People in Improving the Quality of their Lives," the report was undertaken to help social security institutions address "multi-dimensional disadvantage," a phenomenon of growing dependence on social services by a segment of the population fueled by interconnected conditions such as ill health, disability, lack of skills and education, poverty and old age.
The Treasury Department's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization has named Computer Sciences Corp.