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at a disadvantage

In an unfavorable position in comparison to others. They knew for weeks, but I'm just getting all of this information now—I'm at a disadvantage here. You'll be at a disadvantage playing tennis against someone as skilled as Katie.
See also: disadvantage

put somebody/be at a disadˈvantage

make it/be difficult for somebody to succeed: My lack of experience put me at a disadvantage in comparison with the other candidates for the job.
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It is important to note that our two groups purposefully contrast extremes of economic disadvantage and advantage to better understand spatial inequalities.
No home disadvantage in ice hockey penalty shots was observed.
Researchers analysed 28,000 Scots familes, looking at seven disadvantages.
Role model effects (or lack of them), exposure to crime and 'cultures' of disadvantage, can all create substantial barriers to personal development.
Taking steps to invest in neighborhoods directly, by creating safe public spaces and quality learning environments for children, is likely a cost-effective way to mitigate the harmful consequences of concentrated disadvantage," Sampson says.
One of the unjust features of systematic disadvantage is political powerlessness and isolation from civic life.
Disadvantages of the VFD systems have traditionally been the cost and size of the VFDs themselves.
Each have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on whether you are a bookmaker or a punter.
There are several options, each with advantages and disadvantages.
This item discusses how these plans work, who they benefit, and their advantages, disadvantages and potential abuses.
For black mothers only, increasing levels of neighborhood economic disadvantage were associated with significant reductions in their babies' mean birth weight.
A disadvantage of single-species pulp production may sometimes be the limitation on using available fiber sources to lower the total raw material cost.
The disadvantage is that the screener (1) can set a slip screen on the defender (X2) and cut directly to the basket.
Though cost efficiency is listed below as a disadvantage of offsets, the U.