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disabuse (someone or oneself) of (something)

To stop someone or oneself from continuing to believe something that is false. After being so ill, I had to disabuse myself of the notion that work is more important than my health.
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disabuse someone of something

to rid someone of an incorrect idea. Please allow me to disabuse you of that assumption. Please disabuse yourself of the notion that you are perfect.
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An hour on the couch with a Barbra Streisand video would surely have disabused them of that notion.
I was swiftly disabused of the notion by a hatchetfaced stewardess who dismissed us to the back of the queue.
THAT Gordon Ramsay will be disabused of the notion that f-ing and blinding and behaving like a yob from a sink estate makes him look macho and sexy.
IF Home Secretary David Blunkett believed that his new powers to sack chief constables was to be a quick and painless route to reform, he has been disabused of that idea.
Believers were not disabused until the cousins revealed privately, and then publicly, in 1982 that the fairies were indeed paper cutouts, supported by hatpins, that appeared to flutter by the movement of the breeze.
Disabused former members investigated Lueken's cult critically for signs of fraud or demonic manipulation.
All this sniping represents a touching bit of nostalgic bluster that one would have thought the Afrikaner opinionmakers had been disabused of by now: namely, that they "coulda been contendahs" if only their Great White Hope had the cajones to do what was needed.
Chappell was quickly disabused of the notion that the only exceptions were the few white Southerners identified in the media as active participants in street demonstrations and sit-ins.
Again I seated myself royally across from Elsa Klensch, who scowled most of the time and dispensed a smile midway through this exquisitely disabused collection.
IF EVER a prospective clerk of the course was tricked into thinking the job might be a relaxing affair, this winter has disabused the notion.
It's high time comics like him were disabused of their conceited view of themselves as eminent thinkers.
Alas I was disabused in a call from Strathclyde police - though not yet in writing - who explained there are no cameras in the baggage hall in which the incident took place.
If I was expecting the 'Yes, Sir, No, Sir, three bags full, Sir' treatment I was soon disabused. 'Take this 50p,' he said to one of his assistants and stomped off, making me feel like dirt.
And if the visitors were harbouring any notions of repeating their 3-0 win at Ibrox last season they were disabused with only nine minutes on the clock, when Arveladze scored his third in four days, from a perfect Fernando Ricksen cross.
The Prime Minister is due to appear on the programme next year and Mr Hughes said it was important religious programmes 'do not become disabused or disrespected'.