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disabuse (someone or oneself) of (something)

To stop someone or oneself from continuing to believe something that is false. After being so ill, I had to disabuse myself of the notion that work is more important than my health.
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disabuse someone of something

to rid someone of an incorrect idea. Please allow me to disabuse you of that assumption. Please disabuse yourself of the notion that you are perfect.
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But it was great to see someone finally doing something to disabuse the British public of the notion that Caribbean food is just barbecue food.
Being charged by Delgadillo should disabuse them of that belief.
It's high time that the Canadian bishops disabuse them of this notion.
If you ever entertained the notion that practicing civil rights law against the likes of Danner, Powell and their various toadies might be an easy way to make a lot of money, this book would quickly disabuse you of that fantasy.
We should refrain from looking at the armed struggle as the problem in itself but rather as a manifestation of a larger and bigger problem which is rooted in colonialism, oppression and injustices of the conflict in Mindanao and to disabuse our minds from a fragmented understanding of the conflict," Mimbantas said.
Recent reports of a hefty out-of-court settlement do nothing to disabuse us of such suspicions.
I would try to explain what the text meant in its original situation, which often involved, among other things, trying to disabuse my audience of various ideas they might have had about what the text meant.
Cameron is quick to disabuse anyone of the idea that she had a happy, randy, angst-free childhood.
It took years for our coaches to disabuse themselves of such erroneous mythology.
They would disabuse anyone of the notion that to be philosophical means to pontificate, be obscure, or delay action.
Dole is doing nothing to disabuse voters of the any-woman-will-do notion.
Thus, obviously, either the media has failed to adequately inform and disabuse the public of misconceptions initiated by politicians, or else immigration really has become much worse a problem than it was.
Now that I have acquainted you with my biases, let me disabuse you of their implications.
That's when two caped superheroes - members of the "SHIFT Squad" - explode through a wall to disabuse the stereotypical PR flacks of their antiquated thinking.
It aims to disabuse the reader of popular misconceptions about alchemy being a crude precursor to modern chemistry.