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1. verb, slang To insult or disrespect someone. Did you hear what she said? You just got dissed, bro. These two rappers always seem to be dissing each other on Twitter.
2. noun, slang An insult or instance of disrespect; a put-down. A: "Nice ears, Dumbo." B: "Ooh, what a diss. Like I don't know my ears stick out, come on."

new phone, who dis

slang A response one gives to make it seem like they don't know who has sent them a text message (as due to getting a new phone and losing one's contacts). If your ex texts you again, act like you don't even care or know that it's him. Like, new phone, who dis?
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dis(s) (on) someone

Sl. to belittle someone; to show disrespect for someone. (From either a nonstandard transitive verb disrespect or from dismiss [as in significant]. Dis is also a slang transitive verb.) Gary is such a complainer. All he does is diss on people. Please stop dissing my little sister. She didn't do any of those things.
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tv. to belittle someone; to show disrespect for someone. (From disrespect.) Please stop dissing my little sister. She didn’t do any of those things.


See diss

dis(s) (on someone)

in. to belittle [someone]; to show disrespect [for someone]. (From disrespect.) Gary is such a complainer. All he does is diss.
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dis on someone

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