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new phone, who dis

slang A response one gives to make it seem like they don't know who has sent them a text message (as due to getting a new phone and losing one's contacts). If your ex texts you again, act like you don't even care or know that it's him. Like, new phone, who dis?
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dis(s) (on) someone

Sl. to belittle someone; to show disrespect for someone. (From either a nonstandard transitive verb disrespect or from dismiss [as in significant]. Dis is also a slang transitive verb.) Gary is such a complainer. All he does is diss on people. Please stop dissing my little sister. She didn't do any of those things.


tv. to belittle someone; to show disrespect for someone. (From disrespect.) Please stop dissing my little sister. She didn’t do any of those things.


See diss

dis(s) (on someone)

in. to belittle [someone]; to show disrespect [for someone]. (From disrespect.) Gary is such a complainer. All he does is diss.
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dis on someone

See also: dis, on


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