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When Peter Mandelson, who is himself no stranger to a bit of a plottery, says there is dirty work at the crossroads, then the alarm bells should be clanging.
Well, is it dirty work at the crossroads or no more serious than a sneaky way of giving money to a political party without breaking the rules?
And even if Neville's Island, Firth's glorious comedy of businessmen marooned on an island during an Outward Bound-style course, does bring to mind the surreal misadventures on a canal holiday that Ayckbourn encapsulates in Way Upstream, it is stretching things somewhat to imagine that there has been dirty work at the crossroads.
There have been lurid allegations of dirty work at the crossroads by the union hierarchy, but I don't propose to go into those.
There will be lots of dirty work at the crossroads to rivet Highbury Little Theatre patrons to their seats at the production that opens next week.