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Michelle doesn't do dirty weekends and she doesn't do married men.
Clive Powell Mountain Bikes run package breaks and holidays under the Dirty Weekends branding and offer every service the cyclist could require including information on routes through this area of forested hills, lakes and reservoirs.
If this were any other politician we would be talking not stolen moments of togetherness in his Derbyshire cottage, but dirty weekends away.
CHARLIE Sheen saved his marriage by taking missus Denise Richards back to his former Beverly Hills bachelor pad for dirty weekends.
Or will they merely have to look the doorman in the eye and boldly pretend to be married, just like people used to do for dirty weekends at hotels?
If holidays are bad, then dirty weekends are worse.
There will be great synergy between this new division and our Dirty Weekends product.
NISSAN'S latest incarnation of their tough and ever-popular Pathfinder and Navara off-roaders show that the recession hasn't dampened our passion for dirty weekends.