dirty look

a dirty look

A look of contempt, anger, or disgust. I got a really dirty look from the man sitting next to me when I started talking about politics.
See also: dirty, look

*(a) dirty look

Fig. an angry face or a frown. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) Anne gave me a dirty look. I got a dirty look from the teacher when I cracked a joke in class.
See also: dirty, look

dirty look

n. a frown meant to show displeasure with something that has been said or done. I gave him a dirty look, and he took his arm off my shoulder.
See also: dirty, look
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Given Iran's capabilities gained in the past few years, the terrorists don't dare to even take a dirty look at the country," Jazzayeri said on Thursday.
Meanwhile, all the wards and departments of the largest public hospital in Islamabad gave a dirty look due to irregular cleanliness, while Out-Patient Department (OPD), Orthopedic and Neurology Departments, Gyne Ward, Emergency Centre and the laboratory needed urgent attention of the higher authorities.
The Americans do not dare even give a dirty look to Iran," Admiral Fadavi told a conference in Bandar Abbas.
MY idea of hell would be to find myself marooned on an island with nothing but feminists grinding on about gender inequality, the lack of creches, breast-feeding facilities and why we mustn't use certain words if we didn't want to get a dirty look.
It can also be used prior to applying your self tan on knees and elbows to prevent that dreaded dirty look, which is often a telltale self-tan side effect when applied to these tricky areas.
Feisty and flirty, her latest show is called Dirty Look and Hopscotch and takes her back to her schooldays, when she dreamed of a romantic love affair with a rock star.
com)-- EventNow, the leading online marketplace bridging the gap between customers which are planning parties and first-rate vendors, launches a new mini series with the premier episode "How to Give a Dirty Look at a Party" which was recently posted on EventNow's YouTube channel.
This way not only the city has worn dirty look but all its main lanes and streets have lost their identity.
In the past, I have had to ask check-out staff to be a little more gentle with items, such as fruit, which they blithely bash across the scanner, bruising it, only to get a dirty look as though I was being unreasonable.
This is a down and dirty look at a period in history when atrocities were committed in the name of religious faith.
A PC link inspection should not be a quick and dirty look or done on a "now and then" basis.
So woe betide any progammeseller or vendor of salted snacks who gives Andre a dirty look in the stadium this evening.
When my [host] dad got home, he explained that frowning or giving a dirty look is really offensive.
The Army and the Armed Forces will not hesitate to give a crushing response to anyone who gives a dirty look to this country," General Salehi told reporters.
Blonde Electra have hit back at Mel B for giving them a dirty look after THAT girl-ongirl sister stage kiss during the X Factor final.