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He said Delos Santos tried to hit him for allegedly giving the congressman a dirty look. "It's clearly seen [in the video] that I was walking away and he called me and asked why I was giving him a dirty look," Alejo said in Filipino.
A 44-year-old Aurora woman accused of trying to shoot the "dirty look" off the face of another woman Saturday is being held on $150,000 bail in DuPage County.
Islamabad -- The capital city Islamabad despite its beauty portrays a dirty look because of imprudent administration of the country's capital and its dishonest top officials of the sanitation department.
Washrooms give dirty look. The is no generator, Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit (UPS) facilities so the hajis have to endure scorching heat in case of power outages.
In the media briefing, the information adviser said once the walls of the city were presenting dirty look due to hateful wall-chalking, but now the urban area had wore beautiful look following beatification campaign by the authority.
He made dirty look cleanor as his ingenious counter-crusader, Erica Jong, would say, zipless.
But make sure to avoid a dirty look by not overdoing the smudging.
Police Scotland were also contacted by a man whose neighbour had given him a "dirty look".
Is it just us, or is this statue giving us a dirty look?
"Given Iran's capabilities gained in the past few years, the terrorists don't dare to even take a dirty look at the country," Jazzayeri said on Thursday.
"The Americans do not dare even give a dirty look to Iran," Admiral Fadavi told a conference in Bandar Abbas.
MY idea of hell would be to find myself marooned on an island with nothing but feminists grinding on about gender inequality, the lack of creches, breast-feeding facilities and why we mustn't use certain words if we didn't want to get a dirty look.
It can also be used prior to applying your self tan on knees and elbows to prevent that dreaded dirty look, which is often a telltale self-tan side effect when applied to these tricky areas.
Feisty and flirty, her latest show is called Dirty Look and Hopscotch and takes her back to her schooldays, when she dreamed of a romantic love affair with a rock star.
New York, NY, October 30, 2012 --( EventNow, the leading online marketplace bridging the gap between customers which are planning parties and first-rate vendors, launches a new mini series with the premier episode "How to Give a Dirty Look at a Party" which was recently posted on EventNow's YouTube channel.