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The Dirty Dog line consists of the anti-bacterial spray, anti-bacterial shampoo, anti-bacterial conditioner and scented candles.
In addition, submit a short essay telling us about your dirty dog and a photo to support your essay.
"As a council we are taking a stand against dirty dog owners, fly tippers and litter louts, their time is up and there is nowhere to hide thanks to the launch of our latest 'Who done it?' campaign.
Extra enforcement staff have been taken on to penalise litterers, dirty dog owners and fly posters.
Just days after the duplicitous dirty dog left the Big Brother house he dumped the lovely Camille, with whom he had been living, for Paris Hilton-wannabe Chantelle -she who entered the Big Brother house as an illusion of fame and three weeks later came out as one.
But they do when old mum Frankie is caught in a clinch with his dirty dog son, Darren (right).
Councillors intend cracking down with the help of a new law which carries a fine of up to pounds 1,000 for dirty dog offences.
Watch to learn how easy it is say goodbye to dirty dog paws at home or on the road with the innovative DogGone Clean Paws System that works with the natural contour of a dog's paws.
And the CBS website has been hit by negative comments including one calling him a "dirty dog" and another asking: "Will Paul Hollywood be sacked for breaking heart of his wife?" On screen, although the duo were regularly at each others' side, producers seem to have cut out signs of flirtation or "chemistry".
Why would you go anywhere near a wet and dirty dog that was growling on the floor?
But let a dirty dog drop a pongy packet on a pavement, let a bin be un-emptied, a postal delivery arrive late - hell would break out.
But you can't teach a dirty dog clean tricks, even if the laugh-out-loud scene involvingcauterised gonads wasn't remotely sexual.
Extra staff have been taken on to give on-the-spot penalties to litter louts, including people who drop cigarette ends in the street, dirty dog owners and rogue fly posters.
Turns out Dirty Dog Den managed to bag himself a wife called Chrissie while `dead' when she turns up to hound him.