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Literacy and scholastic excellence allow the narrator to shed the name Tapoussiere, a constant reminder of her dirtiness, and throw off the weight of domination.
He added: "Of course, if you want to suggest that yours is an historic home open to the public, or you simply happen to enjoy the theatricality of dirtiness, then go ahead and use them.
A WHISTLEBLOWER from a Birmingham hospital previously exposed for dirtiness in undercover investigations, claims "penny-pinching" will end up killing a patient.
To investigate washing ritual, feelings of dirtiness without physical contact (described as mental pollution) were produced in an experiment designed by Fairbrother N et al (9); in this pioneering experimental model of mental pollution, female university undergraduates developed rinsing/washing behavior to counteract feelings of mental pollution.
The film opens by contrasting the thievery and sheer physical dirtiness of a gang of orphans with the idyllic family life of Kol'ka, one of the film's eventual heroes.
Plato's anamnesis is the memory of the eternal implicated (as X) in the contingent fact of intentional oblivion and it is the way to the purification of the soul from the dirtiness of time.
The theory was originally formed by Adam Smith who explicated that "'The wages of labourers vary with the ease or hardship, the cleanliness or dirtiness, the honorableness or dishonorableness of the employment.
It takes me back to my school days when I remember kids quite regularly coming in with warts on display that we automatically assumed signified dirtiness.
Culturally, this meant selectively erasing parts of the past and "closing the box that contained the dirtiness of the past" (Stern 2006: 148).
However, shopkeepers in Mazar-i-Sharif, the provincial capital, have complained about the dirtiness of the city.
Rob preferred the rose to white, saying: "This is a very pale rose, there should be a creaminess to it - this has a slight dirtiness to the nose.
His invisibility, distastefulness, and even dirtiness have become his home away from home.
But much of what is good about the facility was overshadowed by athletes' complaints of dirtiness and unfinished work in some of the living quarters.
These are: 1) seasonal shortage (or frequent unavailability) in restaurants (77%) and on markets (74%); 2) high cost of fonio products (69%); 3) lack of knowledge about processing (43%); time consuming processing and difficult cooking process (51%); and 5) small size, dirtiness and dark colour (some varieties) of fonio grains (63%).