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Dirt Connections is offering partial swimming pool removal and full swimming pool removal.
The agreement secures the funding commitment by the two investors, while the closing of the funding is expected upon start of commercial operation of the Red Dirt wind farm.
The paint usually is blamed for dirt problems, but rarely is the culprit.
Miyuki, an experienced rider whose big-race wins also include the Oka Sho (G1) (Japanese 1,000 Guineas) in 2003, had a good look at the new dirt surface at Meydan on Tuesday and before declaring: "I have not ridden him since he has arrived, but as I touched and walked on the dirt course, it seemed to be more sticky than the Japanese dirt and needs more power.
The mountain of dirt appeared to rise about two stories and stretch nearly the length of a football field.
The biopolitical enterprise of the Drugs From Dirt project serves to underscore, among many aspects of contemporary global life, the profoundly ambivalent status--the promise and menace--of dirt in the world today.
Crist is a hardcore proponent of dirt racing and his view was an extreme one, but that should not automatically invalidate his argument.
Those visiting his restaurant will have to fork out 110 dollars to be served a first course of potato starch and dirt soup topped with black truffle in a shot glass.
The 2011 DIRT Report examined the root causes of 80 percent of all events submitted (up from 54 percent for 2010), and the top causes were identified as follows:
The proposed standard, ASTM WK38233, Test Method for Dirt Pick-Up Resistance for the Films of Architectural Paints and Stains, is currently being developed by Subcommittee D01.
Through a gripping TVC, Dirt Devil aims to present an array of qualities that make its vacuum cleaner unique.
The rally events are the highlight of Dirt 3 - no surprise given Codemasters' past endeavors with the late Colin McRae.
The author states to use rocks after tamping a portion of the dirt solid, filling in with more dirt on top of the rocks and tamping it.
Your 300-meter, NSN 6020-01-220-5435, and 1,000-meter, NSN 6020-01-208-1147, CX-13295/G fiber optic cables are sensitive to dirt once they're disconnected.
Yes, Brother, it was so dry in our dirty river town with its dirty river no longer running through it that when us brothers, when we walked down to where our muddy river used to be, what we found there instead of a river, there was just dirt stretching out as far as our eyes could see.