direct (something) to (someone or something)

(redirected from directed toward us)

direct (something) to (someone or something)

1. To designate something for someone. You need to direct that budget report to Mary in Finance.
2. To aim something at or address something to someone or something. In this usage, "toward" is often used instead of "to." Although I directed the paper airplane to my friends across the room, it didn't reach them. Please direct all questions to our Customer Service department.
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direct something to someone

to address, designate, or send something to someone. Shall I direct the inquiries to you? Please direct all the mail to the secretary when it is delivered.
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direct something to(ward) someone or something

to send, throw, push, or aim something at someone or something. Tom directed the ball toward Harry. Should I direct this inquiry to Alice?
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How we manage perception bias, both when its directed toward us and when we direct it toward others, can have a powerful impact on business growth.
In the past 37 years, neither of the two parties who were in charge did us any good and their evil has always been directed toward us.
Satellites like Swift and Fermi can detect this emission if the jet is approximately directed toward us.
Many gays are animal advocates because we recognize that the same arrogance and indifference that some have toward animal suffering has at times been directed toward us personally because of our orientation," he went on to say.
The second most important fact is for those of us who are disabled to speak out when we witness a wrong directed toward us.
As a proud member of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church whose partner was there during the shooting, I'm sorry to see the same kind of hatred directed toward Jim Adkisson and the undifferentiated "right" as has been directed toward us TVUUC members and members of the GLBTQ community ["The Conservatives Made Me Do It," September 9].
It is true that many of us still feel the effects of careless, thoughtless, or purposely cruel comments directed toward us when we were in our youth.
Not one single word directed toward us, No bird asking us for anything.
When NATO's steam engine is directed toward us, we simply must respond.
We desire that God's desire be directed toward us, what the tradition called seeking God's love.