direct (something) to (someone or something)

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direct (something) to (someone or something)

1. To designate something for someone. You need to direct that budget report to Mary in Finance.
2. To aim something at or address something to someone or something. In this usage, "toward" is often used instead of "to." Although I directed the paper airplane to my friends across the room, it didn't reach them. Please direct all questions to our Customer Service department.
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direct something to someone

to address, designate, or send something to someone. Shall I direct the inquiries to you? Please direct all the mail to the secretary when it is delivered.
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direct something to(ward) someone or something

to send, throw, push, or aim something at someone or something. Tom directed the ball toward Harry. Should I direct this inquiry to Alice?
See also: direct
References in classic literature ?
He advanced direct to us, seized Linton by the arm, and swung him off the seat.
The company has devleoped an international network of exclusive distributors, although it can sell direct to US Military through it's own GSA contract.
Research took several months but revealed that Hornby and most of the other model manufacturers would not sell direct to us if we did not own a retail shop.
But Fiona was determined to succeed and after two years trading from OnTracks' new base in Wales, Hornby reviewed its policy and 'now happily sell direct to us.
Ultimately, we're looking to sell direct to US consumers," Tong said.