direct to

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direct (something) to (someone or something)

1. To designate something for someone. You need to direct that budget report to Mary in Finance.
2. To aim something at or address something to someone or something. In this usage, "toward" is often used instead of "to." Although I directed the paper airplane to my friends across the room, it didn't reach them. Please direct all questions to our Customer Service department.
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direct something to someone

to address, designate, or send something to someone. Shall I direct the inquiries to you? Please direct all the mail to the secretary when it is delivered.
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direct something to(ward) someone or something

to send, throw, push, or aim something at someone or something. Tom directed the ball toward Harry. Should I direct this inquiry to Alice?
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Liferay was extensively involved in the creation of the initial portal infrastructure and will continue to work closely with Employers Direct to build further functionality to address its business needs," said Heather Swaim, Director of Operations for Liferay.
Ninety-five percent of customers say they would recommend ING DIRECT to their friends and families, with more than 40 percent of new accounts coming from referrals by current customers.
ING DIRECT offers simple financial products, including the Orange Savings Account with the nation's highest yield with no fees and no minimums, direct to consumers over the telephone and Internet.
The mortgage bank allows Consumer Direct to "bank" rather than "broker" its mortgage loans, thus adding an additional revenue stream of 1% to 2% to the company's existing $600 million in production.
ING DIRECT offers an alternative to traditional banking by delivering simple financial products, including a high interest savings account with no fees or minimums and a mortgage featuring great rates, direct to customers over the phone and Internet.
and Rhythmyx enables ING DIRECT to scale content delivery
not require ING DIRECT to change or give up any of its
Offering savings and loan products through a direct business model allows ING DIRECT to operate with low overhead, without the expense of maintaining traditional bank branches, allowing ING DIRECT to pass this cost savings on to its more than one million customers in the form of great rates.
Online advertising is a cost effective means for ING DIRECT to acquire customers, allowing us to pass on those savings in the form of a great interest rate on our Orange Savings Account, which pays the nation's highest yield with no fees and no minimums," said Jurie Pieterse, Director of Interactive Marketing, ING DIRECT.
This is especially true when selling direct to customers.
Clients use Dynamics Direct to reduce customer acquisition costs, leverage and deepen customer relationships, extend their corporate branding to an online audience, and improve ROI.
With its leading workflow and partner connection capabilities, the B2B Integration Server will enable ClickShip Direct to automate business transactions over the Internet with its clients.