direct attention to

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direct (one's) attention to (someone or something)

To focus on someone or something. And if you'll direct your attention to the docent, she'll start you on your tour of the art museum. When the lights in the theater dimmed, we knew to direct our attention to the stage.
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direct someone's attention to someone or something

to focus someone's regard or concern on someone or something; to cause someone to notice someone or something. May I directyour attention to the young man in the purple costume? The announcer directed our attention to the magician who was coming on stage.
See also: attention, direct
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My aim is to direct attention to women's projects that have been neglected by the male dominated council over the past eight years," she said.
It will be nice to direct attention to Fort William as it played an important role in the development of the Highlands.
Briefly explain why revolutions, in Iran and elsewhere, often direct attention to a foreign adversary.
These processes help direct attention to the importance of potential errors and prioritization of change efforts.
To direct attention to the expectations for leadership, integrity and responsibility of the doctorate, the author argues for the creation of a ritual ceremony of initiation for students entering doctoral education.
She was to pay particular attention to the FMF group's use of por/para and ser/estar and was permitted the following feedback options: 1) recasting, 2) clarification request for both meaning and form, 3) explicit feedback by calling direct attention to non-target like productions, and 4) metalinguistic feedback.
Symbols routinely refer to absent abstractions, whereas signs merely direct attention to potential objects of experience.
The new masthead and the use of various fonts and typefaces attract the reader to pick the paper up and then direct attention to significant sections and articles of general and specific interest.
What readers may be left wanting more of, after reading Moten's challenging volume, is precisely this kind of direct attention to the matter at hand.
Rather, educators must learn to respond to a violent episode without gratuitously calling so much direct attention to it.
Petersen said that the Barents region represented a very important dimension in Norwegian foreign policy, and the cooperation would help to direct attention to global problems such as nuclear safety, climate change and pollution.
Seeing writing as performance can direct attention to the nature of literacy as dialogic.
Given the vigor of these photorealist paintings and their baroque dynamic of ascension, it seems legitimate to direct attention to the individual's aesthetic experience.