dip into (one's) pocket

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dip into (one's) pocket

To spend a lot of one's money. We had to dip into our pockets after our construction budget ballooned beyond what we had planned.
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dip into your pocket


dig into your pocket

COMMON If someone dips into their pocket or digs into their pocket, they pay for something with their own money. As a player, you must dip into your own pocket at times, for boots, training gear, and the odd hotel room. Note: You can also say that someone puts their hand in their pocket, with the same meaning. The only time you'll have to put your hand in your pocket is for the spa treatments. Note: Pocket is used in many expressions with similar meanings connected with paying for things. What this club needs is for the directors to dip their hands in their pockets. Note: To talk about paying a lot of money, expressions such as dig deep into your pocket are often used. Adrian dug deep into his own pocket and published the book himself. Note: You can just say that someone digs deep, or that they dig deeper. At Christmas, most will dig deep and spend more than last year. We are asking the richer nations to dig deeper.
See also: dip, pocket
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Punters from all over the world have dipped into their pockets to have a flutter on the outcome, with bets taken from customers from as far afield as Canada, Russia and Japan, William Hill said.
He said: "They have dipped into their pockets and arranged to stay down overnight after the Maidenhead game.
PUB patrons dipped into their pockets to help the museum housing the world's oldest lifeboat.
As the hashtag #stephensstory trended all over the globe, after Stephen's "final thumbs up" as he fights the disease, thousands dipped into their pockets to smash his total.
But while big hearted viewers dipped into their pockets, what happened to all the revenue pouring in from the vast number of commercials?
And the 21 sports at the Special Olympics GB National Summer Games in Leicester have not dipped into their pockets.
Countless ordinary folk dipped into their pockets to contribute to the millions of pounds being raised.
FRIENDS of a Coventry centenarian dipped into their pockets to pay for a bench and plaque to celebrate his 100th birthday.
A group of grateful parents have dipped into their pockets to help hundreds of other children with health problems.
Lots of folk keep asking me how much have I raised over the years, it makes me giggle because I have not raised the money, it's kind folk who have dipped into their pockets to sponsor me that have made the thousands that make millions to help folk in need.
MH Legal director Andrew Simpson said: "I'd like to thank our staff at our busy branches in Seaham, Sunderland and Prudhoe, who all made a tremendous effort in dedicating their time to this cause and, of course, our clients, who have dipped into their pockets to make donations in exchange for our services."
"Already this year, directors have dipped into their pockets twice to provide substantial sums of money.
Mr O'Shea said: "Footballers can often live in an unreal world but they dipped into their pockets for this and I'm grateful."
Our donation hotline has been inundated with calls and our postbag has bulged with cheques or postal orders as everyone from kids to OAPs have dipped into their pockets.
In the end, it is the public who pay, and they have dipped into their pockets deep enough.