dip into (one's) pocket

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dip into (one's) pocket

To spend a lot of one's money. We had to dip into our pockets after our construction budget ballooned beyond what we had planned.
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dip into your pocket


dig into your pocket

COMMON If someone dips into their pocket or digs into their pocket, they pay for something with their own money. As a player, you must dip into your own pocket at times, for boots, training gear, and the odd hotel room. Note: You can also say that someone puts their hand in their pocket, with the same meaning. The only time you'll have to put your hand in your pocket is for the spa treatments. Note: Pocket is used in many expressions with similar meanings connected with paying for things. What this club needs is for the directors to dip their hands in their pockets. Note: To talk about paying a lot of money, expressions such as dig deep into your pocket are often used. Adrian dug deep into his own pocket and published the book himself. Note: You can just say that someone digs deep, or that they dig deeper. At Christmas, most will dig deep and spend more than last year. We are asking the richer nations to dig deeper.
See also: dip, pocket
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There are definitely other routes I would consider" Pop singer Cheryl who wants another child "If comics become respectable, they're no longer funny" Pub landlord comedian Al Murray "You show us something terrible happens in the world and we dip into our pockets the deepest and we are very good at that, but we are an island race and remember geography comes into this, we reflect where we are.
CHILDREN In Need was a week-long TV triumph that really reinvented how they engage us to dip into our pockets to help those who require it most.
So when we dip into our pockets and throw a few bob into a bucket, we trust our contribution is going to people who need it most.
Now we deserve to know exactly where the money is going when we have to dip into our pockets to purchase plastic bags.
"Otherwise the bottom line is that the four owners, including myself, have to dip into our pockets."
And until this is addressed, the Coalition will think it has free rein to dip into our pockets and take whatever it pleases.
That our elected representatives continue to dip into our pockets, even as the first expenses scandal was brewing, displays an arrogant contempt for the electorate.
No.10 wants to dip into our pockets to clean up politics because the Labour leadership cannot be trusted.