dip into

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dip (in)to (something)

To fall temporarily or quickly to a lower level or degree. You should bring a jacket because the temperature is going to dip to 60 degrees tonight.
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dip in(to) (something)

1. To dunk something into something else, such as a dipping sauce. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dip" and "in(to)." I can't eat French fries without dipping them in ketchup first.
2. To push something deeper into a substance, typically a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dip" and "in(to)." While I sat on the dock, I dipped my feet into the water.
3. To take from something in small amounts. This usage is often used to describe money. When my car broke down, I had to dip into my savings to pay for all of the repairs. If you kids keep dipping into the cookies, there'll be none left for the party!
4. To fall temporarily or quickly to a lower level or degree. Officials are warning residents that the temperature may dip into the teens tonight.
5. To pursue or investigate something casually. Because my area of expertise is modernism, I've only dipped into Victorian literature.
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dip into

1. Investigate superficially, as in He began to dip into Chaucer, or She's just dipping into psychology. This expression alludes to plunging briefly into a liquid. [Late 1600s]
2. Withdraw something in small amounts, usually money, as in I'll have to dip into my savings. This usage employs dip into in the sense of plunging one's hand or a ladle into a pot, water, or the like for the purpose of taking something out. [Early 1800s]
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dip into

1. To plunge something briefly into a liquid: I dipped the donut into the coffee.
2. To take a small amount of something from where it is stored: We have been dipping into the olives you bought all day, but there are still some left.
3. To withdraw a small amount from some place where it is stored or kept: We dipped into our savings account to buy the car.
4. To browse something: I dipped into the book, but I didn't read the whole thing.
5. To investigate some subject superficially; dabble in something: I've dipped into psychology, but it never really interested me.
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