dip in

dip in(to) (something)

1. To dunk something into something else, such as a dipping sauce. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dip" and "in(to)." I can't eat French fries without dipping them in ketchup first.
2. To push something deeper into a substance, typically a liquid. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dip" and "in(to)." While I sat on the dock, I dipped my feet into the water.
3. To take from something in small amounts. This usage is often used to describe money. When my car broke down, I had to dip into my savings to pay for all of the repairs. If you kids keep dipping into the cookies, there'll be none left for the party!
4. To fall temporarily or quickly to a lower level or degree. Officials are warning residents that the temperature may dip into the teens tonight.
5. To pursue or investigate something casually. Because my area of expertise is modernism, I've only dipped into Victorian literature.
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dip something in(to) something

 and dip something in
to put something into a substance in order to take some of it. Tom dipped some of the bread into the cheese sauce. Dip in the bread again and get some more cheese on it.
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dip in

 (to something)
1. . to reach into a liquid. I dipped into the dishwater, looking for the missing spoon. I dipped in and there it was.
2. to reach into a substance, usually to remove some of the substance. I dipped into the sour cream with a potato chip and brought out an enormous glob. He grabbed the jar of peanut butter and dipped in.
3. [for something] to sink or lower into a liquid. The oars dipped into the water and came out again. The lower branches sagged down to the water and dipped in.
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But Krul is desperate to prove there will be no dip in standards, even if Tony Pulis' men try to intimidate him with long throws into the box - with the help of hardman striker Andy Carroll.
But police officials hope that substantial one-year decreases in thefts, vehicle thefts and car break-ins - along with a smaller dip in residential burglaries - had something to do with a more proactive system they began to implement during the latter half of 2009 to combat property crime.
Yes, he had a dip in recent weeks but he is not the only one to do that and it is not a capital crime.
State Farm had a 19.3% share of the private-passenger auto insurance market in 2002, followed by a slide in 2003 to 19.0%, and another dip in 2004 to 18.2%.
His hilarious celebrity lifestyle entertains them no end and, for all the talk of a dip in form, each one of this three goals so far this season has been a contender for goal of the season.
The rise comes in the wake of a sudden dip in last year's maths results which were later analysed and revealed weaknesses in some city schools' teaching of fractions, division and problem solving.
It's not easy for people in North Wales to travel to Cardiff Bay and channels like S4C2 provide an opportunity for people to dip in and out of the Assembly's work.