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by dint of (something)

Due to something. The largely-outdated word "dint" refers to force or effort. By dint of hard work, I was able to get an A in my math class this semester.
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by dint of something

because of something; due to the efforts of something. (Dint is an old word meaning 'force,' and it is never used except in this phrase.) They got the building finished on time by dint of hard work and good organization. By dint of much studying, John got through college.
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by dint of

By means of, as in By dint of hard work he got his degree in three years. The word dint, which survives only in this expression, originally meant "a stroke or blow," and by the late 1500s signified the force behind such a blow. The current term preserves the implication of vigorous or persistent means.
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by dint of something

If something happens or is done by dint of something else, it happens or is done as a result of it. They got the address from her by dint of much persuasion. He succeeded by dint of sheer hard work.
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by dint of

by means of.
Dint in the sense of ‘blow’ or ‘stroke’ is now archaic, and in the sense of ‘application of force’ survives only in this phrase.
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by dint of something/doing something

(formal) as a result of (doing) something; through: By dint of sheer hard work, she managed to pass all her exams.
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In general, the sample could be fixed in a gripping or set into spaces and after grinding by soft grindstone, the sample has to be sanded by metallographic sand papers of different numbers so that the dint could be clearly seen.
Rose always looked at me evenly and said in his rough speech, `I dint bet baseball.
By dint of sheer size, state-run Banco do Brasil stays on top, but Mexico's Banamex moved to No.
This determined lady knows neither scrupulosity nor humility, nor is it in her nature to honour the Catholic doctrine, nor by dint of her high position, to be deterred from testing it.
Kohler acknowledges that as the overseer of a family-owned business--and one that, by dint of the housing boom, enjoyed a record performance in 2002 --he has relatively little difficulty getting time off.
it is by dint of observation and by reflection that you make discoveries .
Maggie should stay by dint of the fact that she can actually act, and a bunk-up between her and Rodney would at least give him something better to do than being creepily familiar with his own daughters.
Hausherr ensured the survival of the face during this difficult period with its Dint Master machine, previously known as the Hausherr-Unisenk Dinter.
Having been insane by decree, the gays and lesbians of the world's most populous nation are now made normal by dint of category.
By dint of solid scholarship, she succeeds admirably in demonstrating that we can better understand the mentality of European explorers and conquistadores of the early modern period through an understanding of their fantasies as those fantasies are represented in the fiction that pandered to their reading tastes and needs.
The Galant's victory here is earned by dint of selective mixing and matching," combining the best attributes of other models, the magazine said.
Many types of fish, arthropods, clams, and snails outpaced the grim reaper by dint of their gills and improved circulation.
Well, on the whole, I don't know much about prophets or profits, but I do know, from dint of simple observation, that ballet companies are never taken very seriously until they travel.
In other words, if you dint talk too good when you was a kid, then.
Joan leads France to victory over the English by dint of her innate intelligence and leadership and not through supernatural guidance.