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And with these grave thoughts for grace let us sit down to dinner.
And to dinner Martin came, making himself agreeable with the fat wholesale butcher and his fatter wife - important folk, they, likely to be of use to a rising young man like Hermann Yon Schmidt.
For hereby Flask's dinner was badly jammed in point of time.
The Psychologist was the only person besides the Doctor and myself who had attended the previous dinner.
The dinner was announced as that sharp saying passed his lips.
There was a large table in the middle and round it, eager for dinner, were seated Athelny's children.
Everyone rose, feeling that dinner was more important than verses, and Bagration, again preceding all the rest, went in to dinner.
I will not apologise for the dinner," said the Stork:
After our dinner, which I will try to make as pleasant as possible, I will bid you good-evening, or attend you safely to your door, whichever you prefer.
Every moment was of importance, if I was to get to Fanny at the inn and be back before dinner.
I hope you have fish for dinner," said Edna, as she started to walk away; "but don't do anything extra if you haven't.
Jones now returned in order to dress himself, while his dinner was preparing, and was, according to his orders, attended by the barber.
He particularly liked the program of that day's dinner.
I remember that Madame Mirliflore was unapproachably superior to the other women present, in the perfect beauty of her dress, and in the ample justice which she did to the luxurious dinner set before us.
She had never been sixty miles away from home before; and she had never eaten a Christmas dinner anywhere save at Green Gables.