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give (someone) a dingle

To call someone on the telephone. Give me a dingle after the movie, and we can meet somewhere for a drink.
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n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Come on, Billy. Shake your dingle and put it away.


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If you have ever wondered what a real Dingle dangle looks like, you're about to find out.
A bit of a family crisis," Lisa Dingle called it, when she arrived late for work.
It didn't stop daft Butch from getting off with his cousin Wendy - whose father was Crocodile Dingle - in keeping with the inbreeding motto that you should keep it in the family.
Tough Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) put on a brilliant performance after discovering that the Australian hunk had used her to persuade his snobby parents that English girls are not all Sloane Rangers.
Thankfully there were some subtle pointers to the fact that the feature- length show was meant to be just a laugh - like Crocodile Dingle and his sons having a full-on brawl in a pub called The Woolabulla.
I think we also like the humour because the Dingles get up to all sorts of things and they do make you laugh.
Emmerdale: The Dingles Down Under is available from November 10 (BMG Video, price pounds 13.
Here is Mandy Dingle as Emmerdale fans have never seen her - dressed in a skimpy beach wrap and frolicking with an Aussie hunk.
And the public love her because there has never been anyone like Mandy Dingle before.
I can pat myself on the back and say that I have developed her with the writers, but the whole Dingle clan - Zak, Butch - are the same.
The pubs join in, too, and Dingle is one of the best places in Ireland for them, with names like J Curran's, John Benny's and Dick Mack's - the latter still kitted out as a haberdashery.
That Tom Crean's lager is made at the town's Dingle Brewing Company and there is a new distillery, too, making whiskey, gin and vodka.
You can see the Blaskets on a tour of the beautiful, rugged Dingle Peninsula, part of the west coast's Wild Atlantic Way.
We could dolphin-spot from the rooftop hot-tub at the Peninsula Spa of the Dingle Skellig Hotel, where we stayed - a five-minute walk to the harbour and overlooking the sheltered Dingle Bay and green hills which surround it.
Quote: Landing the role of Zak Dingle in Emmerdale was "the greatest break in my professional life.