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give (someone) a dingle

To call someone on the telephone. Give me a dingle after the movie, and we can meet somewhere for a drink.
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n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Come on, Billy. Shake your dingle and put it away.


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ZAK put his Dingle danglies on the block when he took on Solomon - a big hi-de-hi to Paul Shane the "king" of the hilarious Dingle clan.
DINGLE mysteries: Why do they all have biblical names when they'd only go to church to nick lead off the roof?
Having been managed as a wild flower meadow for years, the Dingles has been identified as a possible Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).
VISITING: If you are travelling any distance to attend the Tolkien Weekend, make time to enjoy The Dingles and/or Moseley Bog, too.
Excommunicated by the Dingle clan (again), Eli's festering jealousy of Marlon boils over (how galling it must be to be envious of a lanky buffoon in checked trousers).
If you have ever wondered what a real Dingle dangle looks like, you're about to find out.
The head of the family, Zak Dingle, has gone off to Chile hunting for buried treasure (no, really, he has), leaving Lisa, susceptible to the actually-quite-resistable charms of his brother Shadrack.
A bit of a family crisis," Lisa Dingle called it, when she arrived late for work.
It didn't stop daft Butch from getting off with his cousin Wendy - whose father was Crocodile Dingle - in keeping with the inbreeding motto that you should keep it in the family.
Tough Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) put on a brilliant performance after discovering that the Australian hunk had used her to persuade his snobby parents that English girls are not all Sloane Rangers.
The pubs join in, too, and Dingle is one of the best places in Ireland for them, with names like J Curran's, John Benny's and Dick Mack's - the latter still kitted out as a haberdashery.
That Tom Crean's lager is made at the town's Dingle Brewing Company and there is a new distillery, too, making whiskey, gin and vodka.
Quote: Landing the role of Zak Dingle in Emmerdale was "the greatest break in my professional life.
Sharing the spotlight tonight with Belle and Debbie is Eli, who has embraced the Dingle tradition of cousin-lovin' with gusto.