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give (someone) a dingle

To call someone on the telephone. Give me a dingle after the movie, and we can meet somewhere for a drink.
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n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Come on, Billy. Shake your dingle and put it away.


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Since then it's been home to dozens of Dingles and their partners, including the dearly departed likes of Shadrach, Alice and Butch, plus Mandy, Marlon, Debbie, Tina, Sam, Samson and animals Alfie the dog and Hamish the pony.
You bring your own flash drive and we have locker space in the hallway where they can keep their stuff," Dingle said.
He is raising funds for Manchester Mind, a self-funded mental health service, and Camphill Dingle, a residential care home for people with autism, Down's syndrome and cerebral palsy.
While traversing the national highway in Barangay Tinocuan, Dingle town, Macesar did not notice the truck that was parked along the road due to a flat tire.
at Tom Crean's lager is made T at the town's Dingle Brewing Company and there is a new distillery, too, making whiskey, gin and vodka.
Messiaen's Final Works is a revision of Dingle's dissertation at the University of Sheffield (Christopher Philip Dingle, "Understated Charm: Style and Technique in the Last Works of Olivier Messiaen" 2 vols.
She also sought a 14 percent raise for Dingle, to $166,400 from the current level of $145,995.
Dingle reflected on the interview today, writing that the magazine was "given the opportunity, in part, because President Obama wanted to share his perspective about his American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to our readership.
Sean Joseph Cannon, from Dingle Vale, Dingle, attacked the 23-year-old man in the Hornby Boulevard area of Bootle, stabbing him repeatedly.
They have enjoyed great times with the son of Hondo Black and Farloe Dingle and a trap one draw has presented the November 03 whelp with the ideal opportunity.
ZAK put his Dingle danglies on the block when he took on Solomon - a big hi-de-hi to Paul Shane the "king" of the hilarious Dingle clan.
RESIDENTS in Camp Hill, Nuneaton, are being urged to give their views on the future of a popular piece of land in the area known as The Dingle.
This relatively straight movement counts as one of the five typical signs of migratory behavior, says Dingle, who has relied on his own findings and the data of others to write extensively on migration.
We anticipate a spirited discussion that will not only expose the root of this pervasive problem, but also bring to light potential solutions," says Dingle.
Yet it was never really clear that the exhibition's delightful rationale had much to do with anything beyond the most superficial "childlike" qualities of works by artists as otherwise diverse as Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Kim Dingle, Tom Friedman, Mike Kelley, Jeff Koons, Charles Long, Tim Rollins and K.