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give (someone) a dingle

To call someone on the telephone. Give me a dingle after the movie, and we can meet somewhere for a drink.
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n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Come on, Billy. Shake your dingle and put it away.


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The band have become familiar faces around the pubs in Dingle mingling with local fans and chilling out after almost a year of constant touring.
World famous Dingle dolphin has finally got himself a girlfriend
Dingle received his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the University of Calgary in 1970.
Your postcode determines how much tax you pay and the postcode in Dingle is L3, whereas here is L17.
ITH the bustling city centre to the north and Aigburth to the south, the neighbouring areas of Toxteth and Dingle offer a good place to call home.
The properties have breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside while still being in walking distance of all amenities in the popular picturesque town of Dingle.
The council axed Dingle Opportunities' contract on Friday saying the company had failed to reach agreement in a deal that would have seen half the jobs saved.
Why, though, does the Rubenesque Lisa Dingle have to strip naked?
The panto, Aladdin the Dingle, is being produced by Dingle Community Theatre with support from the city council's Grass Roots cultural fund and the Neighbourhood Investor's Fund.
Dingle, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PlanVista added, "We are pleased to be working closely with ProxyMed to provide national PPO coverage seamlessly as part of the provider's medical claim clearinghouse transaction.
Draper trained Farloe Hack's dam Farloe Dingle, who showed good early pace when registering her only open success in a 502m affair at Swaffham, scoring by nearly nine lengths in 30.
MP Louise Ellman, with pupils and friends of Shorefields, on the Dingle Swings Recreation Ground, which is being converted into Starr Fields, in honour of former pupil Ringo, below right PICTURE: MARTIN BIRCHALL
The Place Names Order - brought in last year - decided that Kerry tourist mecca Dingle should be known as An Daingean in future.
CULPRIT Seals are pouncing RUINED Fisherman in Dingle, Co Kerry, display the catch which was spoiled by seals yesterday
Two Paul Geaney points and one from brother David closed the gap to seven at the interval but Dingle needed a miracle.