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You proceed to the larger, dingier building where the customers who don't regularly do business here stand in line for inferior service.
notes Eduardo Dingier, beverage director at the Napa, CA, location of Morimoto.
But it was the inimitable Mouse Museum, 1965-77, that most vividly reminded us that Oldenburg consistently put pressure on conventional notions of Pop art by venturing outside glossy mass-media culture into the dingier byways of the vernacular and the ersatz.
10) Frye would develop this point in "The Nature of Satire," saying that "once a [religious] hypocrite [or corrupter] who sounds exactly like a good man is sufficiently blackened, the good man himself may begin to seem a little dingier than he was" (ns 50).
The other worry is that there is so far to go in finding some modern use for the acres of wasteland in East Manchester I walked through, far dingier than any area of Cardiff I can think of.
Dingier filed motions to dismiss the suit on the grounds that both Dr.
Dingier, where the forfeiture rule was not invoked--not because of the state of mind of the defendant when he committed his crime, but rather because the victim's testimony was not a properly taken Marian statement.