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Zapf Dingbats Central England customs and excise seized drugs worth pounds 2.
Zapf Dingbats Three-quarters of children are offered drugs by the time they are 16.
Zapf Dingbats Almost half of all children under 16 have tried drugs.
Zapf Dingbats One in five people arrested for any crime tests positive for heroin.
Zapf Dingbats Half of all people arrested have used some sort of illegal drug in the previous 24 hours.
Zapf Dingbats Three-quarters of drug addicts receiving treatment are male.
Zapf Dingbats Heroin is generally sold in pounds 10 packs - or even "pocket money" deals at pounds 2.
Zapf Dingbats Heroin has HALVED in price in the last 10 years.
Zapf Dingbats Of all European Union countries, Britain has the highest rate of drugs use.
Zapf Dingbats The United Nations estimates that eight per cent of all global trade is in drugs.
Division Four: Dingbats 1, Sedgefield 9; Chocoholics 0, St Michaels 10.