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mother lode

1. In mining, the main source of a mineral in given area. We haven't hit the mother lode of silver quite yet—but we will!
2. By extension, an abundance of something. I wasn't looking to expand my record collection, but I sure hit the mother lode when I cleaned out my parents' attic! It's an exciting time to be a researcher in this field, as a mother lode of new data was recently released.
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1. tv. to shoot, dent, or knock something. The rock dinged my left fender.
2. tv. to negate; to cast out; to blemish. The reviewer dinged the book, but it sold well anyway.
3. n. a dent or blemish. The hail put a lot of dings in the hood of my car.


n. a stupid person; a giddy person who hears bells. This ding-a-ling comes up and asks me for a dollar for the orphans. I tell her I got all the orphans I can use at any price.


1. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his ding-dong and ran for the bedroom.
2. n. a stupid person of either sex. You silly ding-dong! Try again.
3. mod. damned. (A euphemism.) Get your ding-dong junk outa my way!


and wing-ding
1. n. a love affair; a sexual affair. Sam and Martha brought their little whing-ding to an end.
2. n. a gadget. I’ve never seen one of these little wing-dings so banged up.
3. and whinger n. a wild drinking party; drinking spree. Fred had one of the best whing-dings this town has ever seen.


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1, prevailed over number two Ding Ning to help herself to a third straight title at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals at Al Nasr Club late on Saturday.
Chinese potter Ding Junhui is just one win away from his second BetVictor Welsh Open crown in three seasons.
DING Junhui dashed home hope Aditya Mehta's Indian Open dream by claiming a spectacular 5-0 win in the final in New Delhi.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Fayao Ding, the owner of Chinese restaurant Guangzhou Wuyang, and his wife are representing Chinese cuisine in Ankara.
com/AP) @AP : BREAKING: Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread, is going out of business"
He left Ding with a tough shot for the frame but he made it to level the scores.
Ding pulled 4-2 clear with an 86, and a 75 took him to the brink of victory.
I've not won a ranking title for a long time," added Ding.
Ding, the former UK and Masters champion, then had a chance to win the frame in one visit but spurned it.
All the drama of the match was in the sixth frame, which saw Ding make a break of 61 to seemingly take control.
With 17 frames the victory target for Trump and Ding, it was anyone's match.
MARCO Fu believes it is only a matter of time before Ding Junhui wins his first World Championship after being blown away by his Chinese rival in last night's Ladbrokes Mobile Masters final at Wembley Arena.
Scot Dott lost 6-2 to former finalist Ding in their quarter-final contest, as he failed to build on an opening-round shock win over John Higgins.
MARK Williams staged a late fightback, but couldn't stop Ding Junhui reaching the quarter-finals of the Ladbrokes Mobile Snooker Masters at Wembley yesterday.
Ding was regarded as one of the game's hottest prospects after he burst onto the scene as a 16-year-old and won three ranking titles in the space of two years.