dine off

dine off (something)

To eat something, often for several meals. I made so much lasagna that we can dine off it all week.
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dine off something

to make a meal of something; to make many meals of something. Do you think we can dine off the leg of lamb for more than one meal? I hope we dine off the turkey only one more time.
See also: dine, off
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People who are to be comfortable are accustomed to lie on sofas, and dine off tables, and they should have sauces and sweets in the modern style.
He drops his two keys back into his pocket one by one, and buttons them up; he takes his dinner-bundle from the chair-back on which he hung it when he came in; he distributes the weight he carries, by tying the third key up in it, as though he were an Ostrich, and liked to dine off cold iron; and he gets out of the room, deigning no word of answer.
Lean from sickness, her skin mangy with the dry scales of the disease called bukua, she was tied hand and foot and, like a pig, slung from a stout pole that rested on the shoulders of the bearers, who intended to dine off of her.
It came up hot at about my time every day, and many a day did I dine off it.
6 6 HADLEIGH PARKES You really wouldn't have wanted to be a Wales back on a day when they were forced to dine off crumbs for long periods.
Heavyweight financial firms continued to dine off French election cheer, with Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays rising 4.1p to 253.4p and 3.6p to 222.8p respectively.
vivabraziloffers.com will receive a complimentary bottle of house wine when two or more people dine off the Full Rodizio or Seafood Rodizio menu at Viva Brazil Liverpool.
And, speaking of cuisine, I was gratified to learn that the vegetarian option is apparently so unpopular that in one seven-year period only three such portions were served, members sensibly preferring to dine off a menu of grouse, gull's eggs, partridge and potted shrimps.
There was a lot of uncharacteristic route-one stuff here, with City's two world-class forwards, Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne never sharp enough to dine off scraps.
The message from Hughes is nobody will be allowed to dine off last season's historic successes at Hampden and in qualifying for the Europa League.
If you prefer, you can also pay an extra PS25 per person to dine off the a la carte menu.
Children ages 5 to 12 dine off the kidsO menus in these locations: breakfast, lunch and dinner in LV Bistro; lunch at the pool; and dinner at La Hacienda by Richard Sandoval and The Grill at TPC Scottsdale.
If you wish to dine off fine Welsh Black beef and Welsh lamb, local fish, local chicken and fresh vegetables all home-cooked, this is the place for you.
If nothing else, I would be able to dine off the fact that I had led the field to The Chair.
The thought of letting down the drawbridge and inviting complete strangers to dine off your family's silverware is a bizarre one, if you actually stop and think about it.