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din in(to) (someone)

To ingrain something in someone through repetition. A noun or pronoun can be used between "din" and "in(to)." When your mother and I were kids, we learned the multiplication tables because our teacher dinned them into us.
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din something into someone

 and din something in
to repeat something over and over to someone. (As if one could "hammer" words into someone.) The teacher dinned it into her constantly, but it did no good. He dinned in the same message over and over.
See also: din
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Simon Myerson QC, defending Din, called the blackmail attempt "spectacularly inept".
The attempt by Hamza Din, left, to blackmail boxer Amir Khan, right, over a supposed "sex tape" of the star in a Newcastle hotel room fell apart because it was immediately apparent that no such tape existed
Din says he has come across some bizarre proposals during the interviews.
A second approach to examining the loss of DIN within the aquifer was to use [N.
No date for the hearing has yet been set and Din declined to comment on the case last night.
He said Din had been addicted to heroin for a long time but was now being weaned off it by Coventry Drugs Team using methadone.
The centerpiece of DIN 6868 is Part 55, "Image Quality Assurance in X-Ray Diagnosis," which covers test methods for "blue and ultraviolet-sensitive, as well as orthochromatic screen films, fluoroscopic films, duplicating films, films for photography from monitors and films for cineradiography" (DIN 6868, Part 55, February 1992).
The DIN rail mounting bracket kit is compatible with the XTend, XStream and XCite stand-alone radio modems that feature RS-232/485, USB or Ethernet connections.
They added that Unwan ud Din devoted his life for the rights of Pakhtuns and through his pen he fought for the rights of Pakhtuns and through his pen he spread the ideology of Bacha Khan.
Before the rape and sex attacks in Thornaby, Din had a seedy criminal past.
Offers include temperature controllers, universal input process indicators, DIN rail mounted integrated PID controllers and solid-state relays.
Their parents Ilyas and Mazeley Din were jailed over their disappearance.
EZ-Zone ST is available in 1/16 DIN now and will also be offered in 1/32 DIN, 1/8 DIN, and 1/4 DIN configurations later in the year.
We will discuss tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide as a secondary accelerator to increase modulus and DIN abrasion resistance.
FreeWave Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of premium quality spread spectrum radios and wireless solutions for industrial, scientific, military and commercial applications, today announced that they are offering DIN Rail for simple mounting and turn-key installation compatible with most FreeWave radios.