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din in(to) (someone)

To ingrain something in someone through repetition. A noun or pronoun can be used between "din" and "in(to)." When your mother and I were kids, we learned the multiplication tables because our teacher dinned them into us.
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din something into someone

 and din something in
to repeat something over and over to someone. (As if one could "hammer" words into someone.) The teacher dinned it into her constantly, but it did no good. He dinned in the same message over and over.
See also: din
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Din, of Dryburn Way in Durham City, pleaded guilty to a single charge of blackmail.
Judge Richard Gioserano sentenced Din to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years, and also imposed a mental health treatment requirement to the sentence.
Din, of Dryburn Way in Durham, pleaded guilty to a single charge of blackmail.
Din says the interviews have left him disappointed.
Ramp/soak programmers in three DIN sizes can be programmed for 16 to 256 steps.
based DIN Info Point office can access almost 1 million of the most important German and European standards affecting the ability of American companies to sell in Germany and the EU.
1B), and DIN and B effluent concentrations (2017 [micro]M and 13.
Smethwick ran into problems when their main sponsor Abid Mir withdrew his financial backing midway through the season and Din then made himself unavailable for the final six matches of the campaign because of a pay dispute.
Din had carried out the offence while on bail for possessing heroin and possession of the drug with intent to supply.
DIN is similar to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), but DIN standards have more legal influence than the voluntary ANSI standards.
Humayun Huma, Mushtaq ur Rehman Shafaq (Meem Re Shafaq), Israr da Toru, professor Farman ud Din Bakhshali, Akbar Hoti, Dr.
Din, who was 44 at the time he was convicted, lived in a modest house in his adopted home town of Hartlepool.
Offers include temperature controllers, universal input process indicators, DIN rail mounted integrated PID controllers and solid-state relays.
According to din en 10217-1 in compliance with din en 10224 and applicable passages in din 2460, Dimensions according to din en 10220.