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dim bulb

An unintelligent or slow-witted person. I explained this to you not once, but three times! Are you just a dim bulb, or what?
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dim down

To lessen something in brightness, as of a light. A noun or pronoun can be used between "dim" and "down." I dimmed down the lights so that we could have a romantic candlelit dinner. We knew that the play was about to start once the lights dimmed down.
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dim out

To darken completely after a period of dimming. We were all disappointed when the lights dimmed out in the middle of our party.
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dim up

To cause dim lights to become brighter. We knew that the band wasn't going to play another encore when the lights in the arena dimmed up.
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take a dim view (of someone or something)

To view (something) unfavorably; to disapprove (of something). I'm afraid the administration is taking a dim view of that legislation, so it will most likely get vetoed. Even though you might think it's a minor offense, the authorities still take a dim view. So far the boss has taken a dim view of the new intern.
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the (dim and) distant past

A time long ago in the past. It's easy to forget that, in the dim and distant past, these giant cities used to be nothing but fields and marshes. He's just a washed-up old drunk now, but he used to be a huge star in the distant past.
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take a poor view of (someone or something)

To view someone or something unfavorably; to disapprove of someone or something. I'm afraid the administration is taking a poor view of that legislation, so it will most likely get vetoed. The authorities take a poor view of any kind of fraud, even what you might think is a minor offense. So far the boss has taken a poor view of the new intern.
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One who is stupid or foolish. Geez, he keeps pulling on a door that's clearly marked "push"—what a dimwit.

dim down

[for the lights] to go dim. The lights dimmed down for a few seconds. Open the stage curtain when the house lights dim down.
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dim out

[for a light] to grow dim and go out altogether. The lights dimmed out twice during the storm. I was afraid that the lights would dim out completely.
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dim something down

to make lights dim; to use a dimmer to make the lights dimmer. Why don't you dim the lights down and put on some music? Let me dim down the lights and put on some music.
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dim something up

to use a dimmer to make the lights brighter. (Theatrical. A dimmer is a rheostat, variable transformer, or something similar. The expression, a seeming contradiction, is the opposite of dim something down.) As the curtain rose, the electrician dimmed the lights up on a beautiful scene. You dimmed up the lights too fast.
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take a dim view of someone or something

to disapprove of someone or something. Of all the boys, the teacher likes Dave the least. She takes a dim view of him. I take a dim view of that law.
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take a dim view of

Regard disapprovingly, as in I take a dim view of meeting every single week. This idiom, which uses dim in the sense of "unfavorable," was first recorded in 1947
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take a dim view of something


take a poor view of something

COMMON If you take a dim view of something or take a poor view of it, you disapprove of it. The French take a dim view of anyone who only has a snack at lunchtime. Fellow critics took a poor view of a critic who reviewed Paramount films and accepted a fee from the studio.
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take a dim (or poor) view of

regard someone or something with disapproval.
1996 C. J. Stone Fierce Dancing He says that…the Home Office…take a dim view of lifers talking to the press.
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take a dim/poor ˈview of somebody/something

disagree with or dislike somebody/something: Farmers tend to take a dim view of the public walking over their land.The judge said he took a very poor view of their behaviour.


n. the evening; the night. (Streets.) Where’ll you be this dim?

dim bulb

n. a dull person; a stupid person. George seems to be a dim bulb, but he’s a straight-A student.
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n. an oaf; a dullard. (Also a rude term of address.) Oh, Dave, you can be such a dimwit!

take a dim view of, to

To disapprove. Today dim is only rarely used in the sense of “unfavorable,” as it is here. This metaphor dates from the mid-twentieth century. H. Grieve used it in Something in Country Air (1947): “Mr. Everard took a dim view of his youngest niece.”
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Padma Kumari, scientist at the Pune- based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, said dimming is being observed across all major cities in the country, but has been drastic over Delhi and Kolkata.
Some scientists have gone so far as to propose deliberate manipulation of the dimming effect to reduce the impact of global warming, in other words increasing particulate emissions.
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Now, analyses by Kaufman and his colleagues indicate that dimming was much stronger in some regions than in others.
Although some LED light sources are as smooth-dimming as incandescent lamps, others can exhibit a wide range of bewildering and less-than-desirable dimming behavior--from dimming erratically, to shifting in color as they dim, to having a very limited dimming range, to producing flicker or noise, to producing no light at all, to simply not dimming.
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xx Series LED drivers employ an analog dim-function and a PWM dim-function, which operates in a frequency range from 20 Hz to 200 Hz, with adjustable linear dimming from 0 percent to 100 percent.
Earlier this year, a team based at the Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Tubingen, Germany, suggested that the star OGLE-TR-3, which appears to undergo periodic dimming, has a closely orbiting planet (SN: 5/10/o3,p.
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To simplify control of the backlight, the device features a combination enable and PWM dimming pin that allows the user to turn the device ON and OFF, or to apply a PWM dimming signal of up to 10 kHz to control the output current level and dim the LEDs.