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Queally introduced her in a Tramore race in which the Shark Hanlon-trained Dime A Dozen was a well-supported second favourite on the strength of her two wins in points and placed efforts on all three previous bumper outings.
As an Arsenal fan, I'm disgusted" Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn hits out at the TV service launched by the football club showing blood sports and hunting shows "Heart-throbs are a dime a dozen" Hollywood star Brad Pitt "I think Nick Clegg has a duty to put right what he did wrong.
True masterpieces are certainly not a dime a dozen.
While ad-tech players nowadays are a dime a dozen, SteelHouse is making serious coin with its dedication to cross-device advertising, which has become the marketing buzzword du jour.
Also, cull ewes are a dime a dozen. It would be interesting to see how all the heads perform on real tissue (euthanized and skinned first, of course).
When it comes to docking stations for the iOS-powered range of devices, these are dime a dozen. In fact, dime a dozen does not really describe it best, it would be a gazillion iDocks hanging around on store shelves, looking pitifully at the masses who walk by each day, hoping that someone would rescue them from such a mediocre existence so that they can really show off to the listener just what kind of audio performance they are capable of.
While opinions are a dime a dozen, informed opinions are not ("Back to Basics," December 2012).
Now, these threats come a dime a dozen to faithful politicians whose duty by their constitutional vow is to serve all Americans.
But such films are a dime a dozen in the country's rich repertoire, and while festival and quasi-arthouse ancillary markets will lap it up, one hopes first-time helmer Kim Sung-hyun's notable talent can be applied to more thematically satisfying projects in future.
Robotham and colleagues suggest that just 0.4 percent of Milky Way-mass galaxies host observable Magellanic Cloud-type satellites, meaning that while our Milky Way isn't one of a kind, it also isn't a dime a dozen.
Beached dead whales come a dime a dozen in Australia, but high tide combined with rough seas to vault a baby humpback whale over a chain fence into a swimming pool along the shore near Sydney Wednesday.
Thomson said the value of the Baggy Green was lessened when "you're handing [them] out a dime a dozen.
Rags-to-riches stories are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but behind this Oscarwinning offering lies the real thing, courtesy of Jennifer Hudson.
Though great American IPAs seem to be a dime a dozen these days, the 7% abv, 70-IBU Sculpin stands out for the purity of its hop character.
Or, if you need a larger tractor, the Farmall H and M models are also a dime a dozen. Tractorhouse and Craigslist are gold mines for good used equipment at good prices.