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Using Amazon Web Services, Dime Connect enables local telecommunication providers to become digital enablers and be part of a federated cloud which allows communities to be fully secured and serviced by the operators.
"Project DIME will help ensure that every peso allocated to government programs and projects will be used efficiently and effectively," Diokno said.
Dime novels were fantastically popular from their initial publication in 1860.
There are a lot of Portland bands with a sound similar to the Dimes. But the Dimes stand out for tackling historical topics and staying true to facts.
The trio, along with Travis Barker of Blink 182, expects to open "a '50s, post-modern, classic Hollywood, Bogart kind of joint" in July in the same neighborhood as the Dime.
The drive to Reaganize America's public places, not to mention de-FDRing the dime, speaks to the level of zealotry and pushiness currently to be found only on the Republican right.
The Dollar Game uses a non-proportional model: ten pennies are bigger than one dime, but both have the same worth in our monetary system.
But unfortunately the siren song of the quick fix of dime a dozen HD is too strong for most IT or department managers and users to resist.
Such bibliocrats removed dime novels and other "corrupting" literature--a category some extended to include the works of Mark Twain--from their shelves, and they urged their colleagues to do the same.
But according to Andrea Stulman Dennett, more than a hundred years ago dime museums rescued so-called human curiosities from sleazy back rooms of Bowery saloons and gritty itinerant fairs and made them not only respectable but celebrated.
American adventurer and writer, an originator of the so-called dime novels that were popular during the late 19th century.
PARSONS WAS on top of the world when with little bank experience he landed the prime spot as CEO of Dime Savings Bank, a regional New York City thrift institution.
The firm's slogan was "a dollar book for a dime," and they enormously increased the reading public of the day.
(pen name Ned Buntline, 1823 - 1886) American adventurer and dime novelist.
Ghost projects will soon be a thing of the past as the departments of Budget and Management (DBM) and Science and Technology (DOST) plan to roll out this year 'Project Dime' or Digital Imaging for Monitoring and Evaluation of big-ticket projects.