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a real dilly

Something or someone remarkable, excellent, or very entertaining. "Dilly," an American term from the early 1900s, possibly comes from the first syllable of the word "delightful" or "delicious." Primarily heard in US. I tell you, she's a real dilly. Out at 6 a.m. for a run, getting the kids off to school at 7, then out to manage the firm at 8. That film last night was a real dilly, I couldn't stop thinking about it all night.
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dilly-dally (around) with (someone or something)

To waste time with someone or something. You spent so much time dilly-dallying with your friends that now you'll be up all night writing that paper.

dilly-dally (around) with someone or something

to waste time frivolously with someone or something. Stop dilly dallying around with your friends. He is always dilly-dallying around with his work.


n. something excellent. This little car is a real dilly.

What’s the dilly?

interrog. What’s going on?; What’s the deal? (Dilly is a pronunciation of dealy.) Who’s shouting? What’s the dilly?
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recovering surgery Amy knew they only had about two hours of daylight left and added: "Although we had our headtorches and the correct climbing gear, it would have been far too dangerous to carry Dilly all the way down as it would have been dark by the time we got to the more difficult part of the mountain.
From the title and the book's blurb, you would be forgiven for expecting a purely humorous account of precocious Dilly rebelling against her strict parents and getting in and out of scrapes with hilarious consequences.
The novel also focuses on Eleanora's relationship with her mother, Dilly, maintaining the mother-daughter theme that runs throughout O'Brien's fiction.
An exploration of the lives of a mother, Dilly, and her daughter, Eleanora, the novel incorporates actual letters from O'Brien's own Irish mother.
The children at Gilfach Fargoed School dressed as their favourite storybook characters and were treated with a visit from popular children's author Tony Bradman, who wrote Dilly the Dinosaur and The Mummies.
Cadaver Heather Dilly Phoebe Winterbottom Susan Louise O'Connor Grandpa Hiddle Charles H.
Dilly's mom died when Dilly was only six years old.
While the employer is dilly dallying and biting his nails about an employee who is not working out or is planning to open his or her own business, the employee is staying late and copying computer discs and Xeroxing documents.
For pediatric patients, a DrainDuo Dilly character on the pouch front adds a touch of humor.
To say that he stole the show would be an exaggeration, with newcomers like Errin Dilly and Melissa Rain Anderson on view, but young Williams with his fancy footwork was a particular asset to this enjoyable revival, ingenuously directed and choreographed by Kathleen Marshall.
But Rex Dilly, both in life and in death, evoked uncommon responses of gratitude from many Poles.
There's beef in the larder, and ducks in the pond; Dilly, dilly, dilly, dilly, come to be killed, For you must be stuffed and my customers filled
So As by Fire (1881), The Pettibone Name, a New England Story (1882), A New Departure for Girls (1886), Dilly and the Captain (1887), How Tom and Dorothy Made and Kept a Christian Home (1888), Rob, a Story for Boys (1891), and several further adventures of little Peppers did not approach the spectacular success of the original Five Little Peppers.