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dilate on (something)

To discuss or write about something at length. I think you need to dilate on this point because it's so important to your argument.
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dilate on something

Fig. to speak or write in great detail on some subject. I am sure you do not wish me to dilate further on this matter. If you do not see my point, I would be pleased to dilate on this matter further.
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(24.) On the dilative nature of sleep, see Sullivan, "Sleep, Epic, and Romance," who discusses sleep in the context of romance, following Patricia Parker's identification of romance with "the wilderness of wandering, 'error,' or 'trial'" in Inescapable Romance: Studies in the Poetics of a Mode (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1979), 4.
That difficulty, is increased by the fact that potentially dilative securities are evaluated and permanently classified as of their issue date.
The treasury stock method dampens the dilative impact of options and warrants in both the primary and fully diluted EPS calculations.
If dilative common stock equivalents are outstanding, however, then primary EPS is an undetermined point in the range of potential dilution.
Second, the treasury stock method dampens the dilative effects of assumed option and warrant exercise.
Allowing the full dilative impact of options and warrants to enter into diluted EPS calculations is equivalent to assuming that option and warrant proceeds are held as a cash balance.
Present Information About Individual Dilative Securities.
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We give in this paper a model for the pressure dependent yielding of polymers, based on the thermally activated growth of deformation zones, or Somigliana dislocation loops, of a type that introduces two strain components, both shear and dilative, and therefore two components of the stress tensor, the shear [[Sigma].sub.c] and normal [[Sigma].sub.n] ones.
(ii) the dilative and shear apparent activation volumes at yield at all pressures, their weak pressure dependences, and their compressive-tensile differences, for the observed strain rate parameters: [D.sup.-1] = 14 MPa and n [congruent] 3.
from which the shear and dilative activation volumes follow:
Here we have two internal stresses to introduce since the long range term i is the sum of a shear contribution due to [b.sub.c] plus a dilative contribution due to [b.sub.n]: [[Sigma].sub.ic] = [i.sub.c]/[e.sub.0c], and [[Sigma].sub.in] = [i.sub.n]/[e.sub.0n]; with the reasonable assumption i [varies] b, [i.sub.n]/[i.sub.c] = [b.sub.n]/[b.sub.c] = [e.sub.0n]/[e.sub.0c] so that: [[Sigma].sub.in]/[[Sigma].sub.ic] [congruent] 1, which means that these two components can be approximated as only one internal stress, [[Sigma].sub.i]:
where we allow for a pressure or normal stress dependent dislocation density through the parameter D, ranging from densities lower than the atmospheric (zero) pressure density when [[Sigma].sub.n] is negative (compressive), to larger ones when it is positive (dilative); otherwise, this law depends on three parameters: D, n, and C or alternatively V in [Delta][G.sub.a] stress function, to be determined by experiments.
Alternatively, the increased troponin T may reflect true myocardial damage because dilative cardiomyopathy may result from muscular dystrophy [27] and a substantial proportion of patients with end-stage renal failure suffer from severe coronary artery disease [29,30].