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dilate on (something)

To discuss or write about something at length. I think you need to dilate on this point because it's so important to your argument.
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dilate on something

Fig. to speak or write in great detail on some subject. I am sure you do not wish me to dilate further on this matter. If you do not see my point, I would be pleased to dilate on this matter further.
See also: dilate, on
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Dilating blood vessels opened somewhat less when a smoker wore the patch.
To help doctors diagnose the disease sooner and implement treatment during its earliest phases, the medical profession is using a new tool that combines traditional medical techniques with the latest digital imaging technology while eliminating the process of dilating a patient's eye.
Nitric oxide release is a logical addition to biomaterials because it's produced naturally by the body for many functions, such as killing bacteria and dilating blood vessels, says Mark Meyerhoff of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
These tiny shallow incisions facilitate maximal dilatation of the artery and lesion with the least amount of dilating force, minimizing trauma to the artery.
The NO-derived compound regulates blood pressure by dilating blood vessels (SN: 3/23/96, p.
When deployed in the vessel, this mesh forms a scaffold with many openings for blood flow, while at the same time providing significant radial dilating force.
If inhaled-nitric oxide therapy has effects other than dilating blood vessels in the lungs, they must be due to mechanisms that run counter to classical understandings of the compound's action, Gladwin says.