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dilate on (something)

To discuss or write about something at length. I think you need to dilate on this point because it's so important to your argument.
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dilate on something

Fig. to speak or write in great detail on some subject. I am sure you do not wish me to dilate further on this matter. If you do not see my point, I would be pleased to dilate on this matter further.
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with equality if and only if K and L are dilates. This integral representation (34), together with the definition of p-harmonic addition, yields Lutwak's [L.sub.p]-Brunn-Minkowski inequality for harmonic p-addition (see [35]).
If [psi] is strictly convex, equality holds if and only if K and L are dilates.
To dilate the body is to engage in an ethics of affect, to create an aura for the encounter with the other.
The purpose to dilate the body is to perform the role and to embody the score.
Sonuc: Anjiyografik olarak normal koroner arterlere sahip idiyopatik dilate kardiyomiyopatili hastalarm, dilate kardiyomiyopatisi olmayan kontrol bireylerle karsilastirildigi zaman, her uc koroner damar icin daha yuksek TIMI kare sayisina sahip olduklarini gosterdik.
Anahtar kelimeler: idiyopatik dilate kardiyomiyopati, TIMI kare sayisi, koroner akim
It then dilates the blood vessels and helps the oxygen get to cells that need it.
Because its effects last just a few minutes, it was initially used only to test whether a patient's vessels could dilate. In the 1990s, doctors started to administer the drug continuously to assess its therapeutic value.
The process relies on nitric oxide, a chemical synthesized in the lungs and blood vessel walls, to dilate blood vessels and ensure that oxygen-rich hemoglobin can penetrate even the narrowest capillaries to nourish tissues.
Researchers have long known that nitric oxide from blood vessel walls relaxes and dilates the vessels.
But unlike other such drugs, it also dilates blood vessels and serves as an antioxidant.
Pupils dilate about 5 percent in normal individuals and in those with other types of dementia but 23 percent in those with or possibly suffering from Alzheimer's.
This study and earlier work showed that the therapy also boosts blood concentrations of nitric oxide, which dilates vessels.
Alcohol dilates blood vessels and impairs this reflex, which may explain why some people faint upon standing after downing only a few drinks, Virend K.
Moreover, those compounds caused unwanted side effects by stimulating two other kinds of beta-adrenergic receptors, one that raises heart rate and another that dilates blood vessels (SN: 5/7/94, p.