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digress from (something)

To begin to discuss something other than the current topic or issue. You totally digress from your argument in this paragraph, so cut it from your paper.
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digress from something

[for a speaker or writer] to stray from the subject. I am going to digress from my prepared text. You will pardon me if I digress from my point a little.
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Unable to speak without digressing into a pep talk, she speaks optimistically about routing her school's almost entirely minority student body to college, to careers, the kinds of places the city's ordinary schools, cheerleaders and marching bands notwithstanding, have proven unable to deliver.
Digressing from her prepared speech, the feisty Malaysian minister told about 700 Japanese businesspeople gathered in a Tokyo hotel to "visit several Southeast Asian countries, not just one...and not only for two days."
As Ambition progresses, Walker is invited to take part in a dangerous scheme when in its digressing midst she and Hawk discover the love which they retain for one-another and the terrors from which they must run.
Hilton recounts the events of Ruskin's life straight through, in one- and two-year increments, digressing when necessary and referencing forward and backward when appropriate.
Engaging the reader from first page to last, House Of The Jaguar is a futuristic tale of Kat, an American teenager confined in her youth to the moderns of technology and the digital age, in her confrontation with a digressing, broken world as result of earthquakes and the release of an underworld creature, the Xibalban, and her alliance with shamanic tribesmen in an ultimate struggle for life.