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digress from (something)

To begin to discuss something other than the current topic or issue. You totally digress from your argument in this paragraph, so cut it from your paper.
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digress from something

[for a speaker or writer] to stray from the subject. I am going to digress from my prepared text. You will pardon me if I digress from my point a little.
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After some chitchat, the two men quickly digressed into the meat-and-potatoes subject of opera queens.
To get back to the point Fromwhich I have digressed I have tomake a confession I really amimpressed
The Hurricanes' boisterous behavior, hardly discouraged by coaches Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson, occasionally digressed into embarrassment.
On Tuesday, addressing hundreds of people in a hotel in midtown Manhattan, he digressed somewhat from a discussion of his education proposals, which include a major expansion of charter schools, to offer a sort of apology for the priorities many Republicans have set and for the image they have projected.
Contemplating these colorful fall bloomers, we worked our way up the hill and, nearly at the top, digressed from the main trail.