digress from

digress from (something)

To begin to discuss something other than the current topic or issue. You totally digress from your argument in this paragraph, so cut it from your paper.
See also: digress

digress from something

[for a speaker or writer] to stray from the subject. I am going to digress from my prepared text. You will pardon me if I digress from my point a little.
See also: digress
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Regular readers will forgive us if we digress from the usual format to present the following (courtesy of our resident curry expert, or more specifically, his good lady).
The younger the swimmer, the more likely he will be to digress from good basic skills.
True, they would have to digress from solving global atrocities to facing the demons of Hollywood, but it could be done.
AlphaCell and Emblaze digress from the 'one size fits all' model of handset development.
In 1990, though, the Airport Authority made a decision to digress from a policy of consensus and to set a new policy aimed at an aggressive expansion of the airport.