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digress from (something)

To begin to discuss something other than the current topic or issue. You totally digress from your argument in this paragraph, so cut it from your paper.
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digress from something

[for a speaker or writer] to stray from the subject. I am going to digress from my prepared text. You will pardon me if I digress from my point a little.
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Sure, I'm in prison, and I have to wait once a year to see skating on They have the Mountain Dew thing now also, but I digress.
Digress, on Newhall Street, was closed down by environmental health inspectors using emergency powers after a routine visit on Monday lunchtime.
DIGRESS has a certain 'wow' factor as soon as you walk through the door.
Choking on debt is what left-wing tax-and-spend Democrats are supposed to be good at, but I digress.
At times, the logic of characterization may digress into technical pyrotechnics, as happened in an extended solo in Reggae Suite, a tribute to the music of Bob Marley that followed its endless, rolling beat just a bit too closely.
Before we get to the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Film Centre, I want to digress slightly and ask you about your time at the head of the OFDC.
To digress a moment, opera queens--gay or straight--see opera as a sport with each aria an obstacle course for the singer: Can she handle the trill, will he go sharp on the high note, will she negotiate the two-octave drop, can he decrescendo on the high B-flat?
I digress, my selections for the jumps Ten to Follow are - 1050 Black Jack Ketchum, 1109 Desert Quest, 1110 Detroit City, 1185 Hedgehunter, 1234 Kill Devil Hill, 1286 Monet's Garden, 1320 Noland, 1447 The Duke's Speech, 1478 Voy Por Ustedes and 1480 War Of Attrition.
Customers at the busy Digress bar were stunned as city environmental health officers swooped yesterday lunchtime.
Tiger Tiger bar owner Urbium - which also owns Birmingham's Digress Bar on Newhall Street - saw its share price surge 12 per cent after confirmation that it was locked in exclusive takeover talks.
Our neighbours appear to be ready to place an order for spoons, wooden, one for every ticket holder at Twickers, but I digress and intrude into grief so back to my theory.
He will be filming at Alexander Stadium, the home of the Birchfield Harriers, in Walsall Road, Perry Barr, on Saturday, September 11, and at Digress nightclub, at 12-22 Edmund House, in Newhall St, Birmingham, on Tuesday, September 7.
On the other hand, the wealth of this material causes Benson to digress frequently from the main thrust of his difficult argument.
But we digress - in a city that was not unnaturally organizing a celebration.
Customers at the busy Digress bar were stunned as Birmingham environmental health officers swooped yesterday lunchtime.