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n. [someone’s] telephone number. Give me your digits, and I’ll call you.
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double digits

n. the range of numerals from 10 though 99. When Billy moved into the double digits, he had some behavior problems, but when he was nineteen he sort of straightened out.
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New Merchandise and Giveaways: In addition to brand new T-shirt designs inspired by fan-favorite comic strips, The Missing Digit will be bringing Custom Special Edition Comic Book bags & boards to San Diego Comic Con to giveaway to fans.
When 37 is multiplied by the sum of its digits, we obtain 370 which is the sum of its digits cubed.
A preliminary investigation of the associations between personality, cognitive ability and digit ratio.
3) If the digit to be dropped is 5, and if any digit following it is not zero, add 1 to the last remaining digit.
There's obviously much more to Digit readers than just being geeks.
But do you notice that this number (26) gives us the same repeating digits (and in the same order) as our first example (42) which gave us the BRACELET 4268.
Digit expects to release its first game later in the year.
Why were Newcomb's colleagues so often looking up numbers which begin with digit 1 and less for the other digits?
DVS said Digit Digit benefits from this new data-centric workflow as the DVS systems accelerate the processes and increase reliability -- a key feature in the post house's daily work routine.
In this paper, we show that the number nine is really not a mystifying number; in fact, the exact same arithmetic properties also hold true for the highest digit in any base different than the base 10.
The fight-most digit of the word score is the first digit.
Programming Interface) transcriptions were used in above mentioned experiment, for example, the transcription of digit "0" was nuhlihs.
Verizon urges residents and businesses to reprogram fax machines and other equipment and services to dial the area code plus seven-digit phone number on all calls that previously only required seven digits.
This curiosity is satisfied by a discussion of digit analysis and Benford's Law.
Inland Revenue customers applying for a new IRD number may soon find that it has an extra digit.