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dig (someone)

slang To like (romantically or otherwise), understand, or approve of someone. A: "OK, you understand everything I told you?" B: "Yeah, I dig you man." I'm going to ask Cynthia out on a date tonight—I really dig her.
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dig (something)

slang To understand, approve of, or enjoy something. I really dig this music, man! I dig the way you stood up to that bully.
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1. tv. & in. to understand something. I just don’t dig what you are saying.
2. tv. to appreciate something; to like something. He really digs classical music.
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Dialing 811 in advance of digging projects, such as planting a garden, tree or shrub, building a deck or installing a mailbox or fence, could keep your family and community safe, prevent damage to underground utilities and save on potentially costly fines and service interruptions; and it's the law.
Careless digging can result in the disruption of vital services, property damage, repair costs, fines and even injuries.
Here's how the ABC process looks for a number of various and differently motivated digging behaviors.
Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a free call to 811.
Professional locators are then sent to the requested digging site to mark the approximate locations of underground lines with flags, paint or both.
Digging by the porcupine is a unique ecological process in an environment, where surface disturbance is made for the purpose of exploring subterranean plant organs as its food material (Gutterman, 1982, 1987; Gutterman et al., 1990; Alkon, 1999; Khan et al., 2000).
To answer the more important question first: Digging in the dirt will not hurt him, although it may wreak havoc with your cream-colored rugs.
Over the years, he has conducted many experiments comparing the effect on plant growth of digging with not digging and has found that a no-dig approach is the way to go.
The amateur excavation earlier this month uncovered scores of hand-blown glass bottles, elaborate bottle tops and a range of other items such as clay pipes highly sought after by members of the bottle digging community.
"We have bought 22 digging towers that entered in service and the others pending use, as well as the purchase of two rehabilitation devices, along with three other towers to be bought later, due to the Company's plans to dig more oil wells in the near future," Yasiri stressed.
The Common Ground Alliance (CGA), an organization dedicated to protecting underground utility lines and the safety of people who dig near them, has partnered with The Home Depot to educate customers on the importance of calling prior to digging.
Immediately after, a group of men rush to a cemetery to dig a grave for the dead person.Hajji Salah, also known as Salaha Rash, and his team of five men have been digging graves for eight years; they have all the necessary equipment for digging graves such as shovels, drillers, a generator, a tent and other tools of the trade.
THIS winter,many of us will start digging to prepare a vegetable plot or flower border for planting next spring.
THIS winter, many of us will start digging to prepare a vegetable plot or flower border for planting next spring.