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gold digger

A person who only pursues romantic relationships with wealthy partners for financial gain. Scott's friends warned him that Tracy was a gold digger and was only interested in marrying him for his money.
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(as) cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

rude slang Very cold. I am so sick of being cold as a welldigger's ass all winter long—that's why I'm moving to Florida.
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gold digger

n. a woman who pays attention to a man solely because of his wealth. (Certainly also applicable to men as well.) Sam called Sally a “gold digger,” and she was devastated.
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hole digger

n. a lowly ditch digger; a common laborer. (As disparaging as burger-flipper.) Yo want to spend the rest of your life as a drunken hole digger?
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FEBRUARY 1, 2019 The Asda supermarket at the Junction Retail Park on the Ballymena Road in Antrim lost two ATMs when a large digger ripped them from the side of the building.
Earlier this year, Akiemboto gave the green light for small scale goldminers to start digging for gold in the Roma pit, after agreement reached an agreement with the Canadian firm for the gold diggers to work in the area.
Archie in the giant digger, named after the brave youngster who was also given a hi-vis jacket and helmet
They witnessed the men using the digger to lift the ATM into the boot of the car.
CCTV reportedly captured a digger being stolen from a site in Formby
By using the long mechanical arm of the dredger, the dredger driver managed to haul the digger back to safety.
The scene at the Texaco garage in Gale Road, Kirkby, after a digger was used to smash into the Spar shop and steal a cash machine
The digger was left behind by the thieves who loaded the cash machine on to the back of a pick-up truck before making off, officers say.
A witness driving in front of the tractor said the vehicle had been towing a digger when the digger arm hit the bridge at the Crossgates roundabout.
Then I get the faint smell of coal oil in the air as I recall the time when a post-hole digger left its mark on my toe.
Digger the dog has yet to be reunited with his Palatine family, but a settlement has been reached in a lawsuit filed over his 2015 escape from a boarding facility.
THIS is the moment brazen thieves broke into a Wolverhampton unit dressed as workmen, then drove away in PS25,000 digger.
PASSENGERS faced delays after a truck carrying a digger hit a railway bridge.