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gold digger

A person who only pursues romantic relationships with wealthy partners for financial gain. Scott's friends warned him that Tracy was a gold digger and was only interested in marrying him for his money.
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(as) cold as a welldigger's ass (in January)

rude slang Very cold. I am so sick of being cold as a welldigger's ass all winter long—that's why I'm moving to Florida.
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gold digger

n. a woman who pays attention to a man solely because of his wealth. (Certainly also applicable to men as well.) Sam called Sally a “gold digger,” and she was devastated.
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hole digger

n. a lowly ditch digger; a common laborer. (As disparaging as burger-flipper.) Yo want to spend the rest of your life as a drunken hole digger?
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We hold out hope that hes out there somewhere and that maybe someday, somewhere, somebody scans him," Caponi said of Digger, who was born in March 2011 and had a microchip implanted in him for identification purposes.
Officers made their way to a building site in Compton Way and began searching for a suspect after finding the digger had been moved.
Mr Vijay described how he "jumped out of the way" of the machine, which missed him "by a couple of inches" - the digger then stopped and reversed towards him, pinning him against the wall.
The guys doing the work were a nice bunch of lads, so I said to them that they could store their digger in my yard overnight," he said.
Gasoline-powered, twin-operator post hole digger augers make digging holes much faster and easier than doing it by hand.
They spent a month converting an old caravan into the digger to the exact scale of the original.
From grave diggers mason and part time labourers earn reasonable income in these days by coating graves with mud mixed with husk.
Despite a spirited effort from Digger it was SFX who clinched the victory 10-9.
Most of us guys that drive the trucks grew up watching what Grave Digger has become.
Grant Mulholland, who owns The Incredible Roll Inn on nearby Whitehall Crescent, said: "There was a digger underneath the roof as though the arm the digger was keeping it up.
Digger is not 100% house trained and must never be shouted at for having an accident.
A GRAVE digger who was preparing a plot in Paphos unearthed a surgical scissors with the word 'hospital' among the remains of the occupant who was buried there 24 years ago.
A JCB digger stolen from the Midlands was recovered by of-ficers in the Netherlands - less than 24 hours after the theft.
Digger made a poor choice, and the consequences have led him to Cliffside Youth Detention Center.
MANAMA: A Bahraini died after his car collided with a digger on the Khalifa bin Salman Causeway in Hidd yesterday, reports MANDEEP SINGH.