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There now, when the snow covers us up, good folk will see the shafts and dig us out,' he said, slapping his mittens together and putting them on.
There's no one is going to dig us out, there's nowhere we can hide our heads.
The statistics dig us into a grave but only what we do on the football field can get us out of it or make the situation worse.
We've got a couple of young guys in there that need to learn some of those lessons and not deal with their frustrations by trying to dig us out in one big go, but by building our way back into the game.
The difference is we have a bunch of young guys, and at Star we have a bunch of older guys that could dig us out of the hole,' said Mallari on Sunday at Mall of Asia Arena.
He is a coach with a unique capacity to communicate, that's why he has got where he is and why he was able to dig us out of the trouble we were in," said Atletico captain Gabi, who has won the La Liga title, King's Cup and reached two Champions League finals under Simeone.
But it's good to know that if it does go down to the last 10 minutes that there's someone there to dig us out.
We were assumed dead and our friends came back to find us so they could bury us, we started shouting and they had to dig us out with their bare hands.
Our batsmen can't keep relying on our bowlers to dig us out of a hole
Our big-match players didn't perform and we need them to dig us out of holes sometimes.
But for the team it's been a huge bonus that we have the mobility, the composure, the speed of these players to at times - not dig us out of a hole - but ensure that we see games out or win football matches.
Silverpeak will take on a number of DIG US staff as part of the agreement.
I believe we have enough characters and enough quality to dig us out.