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dig (someone)

To like (romantically or otherwise), understand, or approve of someone. A: "OK, you understand everything I told you?" B: "Yeah, I dig you man." I'm going to ask Cynthia out on a date tonight, I really dig her.
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dig (something)

To understand, approve of, or enjoy something. I really dig this music, man! I dig the way you stood up to that bully.
See also: dig


1. tv. & in. to understand something. I just don’t dig what you are saying.
2. tv. to appreciate something; to like something. He really digs classical music.
References in classic literature ?
There now, when the snow covers us up, good folk will see the shafts and dig us out,' he said, slapping his mittens together and putting them on.
We''ve banked on performances this year to dig us out of holes and get us back on top of games but it just wasn''t there.
But we showed if it doesn't go to plan we have the middle and lower order to dig us out of a hole.
Our batsmen can't keep relying on our bowlers to dig us out of a hole
Our big-match players didn't perform and we need them to dig us out of holes sometimes.
But for the team it's been a huge bonus that we have the mobility, the composure, the speed of these players to at times - not dig us out of a hole - but ensure that we see games out or win football matches.
Silverpeak will take on a number of DIG US staff as part of the agreement.
I believe we have enough characters and enough quality to dig us out.
New ideas, technology, innovation, and of course hard work, is what will dig us out.
It's understandable that the manager chose to go 'back to basics' to dig us out of our rut, and indeed he's steadied the ship and our defence once more is beginning to look like its old miserly self.
When the snow starts to accumulate, I become unnerved and can't wait for the snow plow or our children to dig us out.
Both proved unsustainable, so what will dig us out?
We realised all the hard work we had put in over the last 10 years had done nothing more than dig us into a comfortable rut, surrounded by useless stuff.