dig into

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dig in(to) (something)

1. Literally, to dig a hole into something, such as the ground. I had to dig into the soil and create a hole for the flowers.
2. To investigate in an attempt to uncover information about someone or something, often negative information. I've been digging into the archives for any information on her past, but I haven't found a single thing.
3. To start eating, often eagerly or excitedly. Well, dig in before your dinner gets cold. Mom's lasagna is always so good—I can't wait to dig into it!
4. To work energetically. Thanks to the whole department digging in, we were able to get that report finished on time.
5. To poke or prod someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "dig" and "in" to refer either to the person or thing being jabbed or to the thing doing the jabbing. The dog might bite you if you keep digging it in its side like that. I dug a toothpick into the cake to see if it was fully cooked.
6. To create protective trenches, as in trench warfare. Once we're dug in here, I think we'll be able to hold this area.
7. To place one's hands in something, usually in an attempt to find something. Here, dig into my purse and see if you can find my sunglasses.
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dig something into something

 and dig something in
to stab or jab something into something. Dig your fork into that heavenly cake! He dug in his fork.
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dig into

1. To plunge the hands into something, especially to search for something: She dug into her bookbag and pulled out a pen.
2. To push something into some other thing: I dug two posts into the ground and hung a volleyball net between them.
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One albino, for instance, divided the number of pounds of honey in stock by the number of bees in the Hive, and proved that if every bee only gathered honey for seven and three quarter minutes a day, she would have the rest of the time to herself, and could accompany the drones on their mating flights.
Another, an eyeless drone with no feelers, said that all brood-cells should be perfect circles, so as not to interfere with the grub or the workers.
I know now how drones feel the day before they're killed.
How the hidden egg hatched true--no drone, but Blood Royal.
His ears were filled with the incessant hum in various notes, now the busy hum of the working bee flying quickly off, then the blaring of the lazy drone, and the excited buzz of the bees on guard protecting their property from the enemy and preparing to sting.
Blunt-bodied drones whizzed to and fro with a noise like miniature high-powered automobiles, as if anxious to convey the idea of being tremendously busy without going to the length of doing any actual work.
A drone has thirty-seven thousand eight hundred nostrils, you know.
Upstairs from behind a great dingy white and gold door, visible behind the balustrade of the first floor landing, a deep voice began to drone formally, as if reading over notes or something of the sort.
You would be no better than a drone at your time of day, with a young hive to feed and swarm.
Stranger, old Ishmael has burrowed you in the very bottom of a hollow tree, where your eyes will be of no more use than the sting of a drone.
Every year across the country, thousands of people dig into a buried natural gas line or other underground lines.
Although SDG&E receives more than 97,000 mark-out requests annually, there are about 500 incidents per year when customers or contractors dig into underground gas and electric lines, causing disrupted gas or electric service.